June 19, 2024

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Into The Badlands “Blind Cannibal Assassins”

Season Three, Episode Four.

OK, so, Into the Badlands often has episode titles that sound like they got ripped out of a haiku or something, a poetic turn of phrase that may or may not make much sense to look at, but something that sounds like a martial arts move or something.

This one is called “Blind Cannibal Assassins,” and that’s a little too on the nose.

Mostly, that’s because the episode actually has some blind cannibal assassins.

Essentially, we have two plots for this episode.  Both end in a fight.  Baron Chau frees her brother Gaius from the dungeon, looking for revenge against Pilgrim.  So, off Gaius goes, reluctantly, with an army of ninjas.

Meanwhile, the Widow sees a bunch of her Cogs ran off after pamphlets showed up promising freedom is they follow Pilgrim, and a lot of Cogs dessert.

Wait…Cogs can read?  Sunny had trouble with reading when the series began.  Why can these Cogs read?

As it is, the Widow realizes Pilgrim practices the same religion as Lydia and figures talk is better than assassination.  So…they have a meeting.  And when the Widow saves Pilgrim’s life from a shot from Gaius’s crossbow, we get another big fight where everybody, even Cressida and Lyda, get some shots in.  One of Pilgrim’s Gifted attacks Gaius, and while Gaius is clearly good, he isn’t good enough to stop a Gifted.  He is good enough to survive the attack.  That puts him on par with Sunny.  We’ll see where it goes from here.

Point is, the Widow and Pilgrim appear to make a nonaggression pact for now.

Meanwhile, Sunny and Bajie stop to share a meal with a blind old man, but he drugs the two and takes Henry away.  Sunny tracks the old timer to an underground hospital.  They are then captured by some blind cannibal assassins who have a “join us or die” offer for Sunny.  Bajie?  Probably not.  These guys really want Henry because the one female in the group, their leader, seems incapable of having a baby.

Oh, and the blind old man gets Moon the same way.

Naturallty, Sunny escapes and he and Bajie get in a big fight with the blind cannibal assassins.  The woman gives Henry back, and Sunny offers to let her come with them.  She opts for suicide instead.

Did I mention Sunny blinded them when he was a kid under orders from Quinn?  Good casting on younger Quinn, by the by.  Dude looks and sounds a lot like them.

Sunny is able to make peace with Moon too.  Moon gets his sword back and decides it ain’t right trying to kill a guy with a baby.  And so, everyone goes on their way and the wars continue.

Well, most people.  M.K. thinks Sunny killed M.K.s mom, and he headed off to find Sunny to kill him rather than stay with Tilde.  You know, because M.K. has always been a bit of a jackass.  Looks like :Pilgrim’s other gifted found the boy…