September 24, 2023

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Lions’ Pride Part 2”

Season Seven Finale

Well, we had a first part that dealt with the Galra invasion of Earth, but then some fireball fell from the sky just as it looked like the Paladins had won a hard victory and taken Sendak out once and for all.

They did take him out, but there was one other thing that needed taking care of.

Yes, there was another Robeast in the center of that fireball, and like all of those things, it’s strong, tough, and spends most of the episode slapping everyone around, especially Voltron.  And once again, I wonder why the bad guys want Voltron so badly since he never seems to do well.

Say, the cow and the mice are still riding around inside of Voltron, aren’t they?

Now, I could give a blow by blow of the fight, but why would anyone want to read that when they can watch it?  That’s much better.  This was basically a twenty minute fight scene as either Voltron or the Atlas took turns taking potshots at the thing that fought with a scythe and a super-blaster weapon that gained power by draining Voltron.  Yes, at one point, the Cadets launched and fought the monster with their four jets, and I really can’t be bothered to learn their names.

Anyway, the one really noteworthy thing happened when Shiro suddenly realized…something and activated something in the Atlas, causing the ship to transform into a much larger robot, one that dwarfed both Voltron and the Robeast.  Now, it was slow and the Robeast still slapped it around, but I gotta know…did the people who built the Atlas know it could do that?  Because everyone looked surprised when it happened.

So, Pidge eventually realized the chest cannon was the weak point, Voltron hit it, and before the baddie self-destructed, the LIons flew it off into space.  And from there, it looks like no one died.  Instead, Earth became the new base for the Voltron Coalition, so all kinds of past alien characters came to Earth for silent cameos.  Hunk’s visitor at the hospital was that alien girl from the Balmera.  Huh.  They were a cute couple I suppose.

Anyway, one season left to rid the universe of…who exactly?  Hagrid?  OK, I guess she’s the only one left, no matter what name she’s going by.

Oh, and Allura checks the wreckage of the Robeast later and realizes the power source was a living Altaean.  So, really, no one died in this episode, not even the enemy robot’s power source.

There was a memorial scene though for all the pilots killed a few episodes ago, plus Sanda.  But they were already dead, so they don’t count.

Let’s move on to the last season here.