July 16, 2024

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Into The Badlands “Leopard Snares Rabbit”

Season Three, Episode Three.

So, for the most part, the episode titles for this series have always come across as a bit clever and poetic, but this one here?  “Leopard Snares Rabbit”?  They aren’t even trying here, man!

Seriously, Tilde has been calling herself the “Iron Rabbit,” the Widow sent Moon after her, and this episode, well, the two meet.  And I know the martial arts on this show have only had a casual relationship with the laws of physics, but Tilde dropping out of a tree to attack Moon before she makes a run for it, well, that seemed a bit much.  She doesn’t have the gift or anything.

Baby Henry has the gift.  But he’s a baby, so that ain’t good.  Granted, Sunny has a pair of disguises, and I don’t care what Bajie says:  bowler hats on martial arts henchmen are kinda cool.  All Sunny and Bajie have to do is get past a sniper with an automatic crossbow weapon.  Said Crossbow Clipper has held a whole division of the Widow’s people at bay for quite some time, and while Sunny can lie about being the new Regent, both he and Bajie end up being disappointed by this stop.

Sunny, because when he finally does get to the sniper and sees it’s just a kid, sees the futility of war when the kid leading the Widow’s forces kills a surrendered enemy.  Violence begets violence and all that.

Bajie, however, convinces a healer to help a girl with a leg injury that he’d teamed up with.  And, well, this isn’t the sort of setting where having only one leg is all that helpful, so she isn’t exactly pleased to find herself still alive when she wakes up.

Then again, they gotta get the gift out of Henry, like, now.

Then again, the gift is screwy.  Tilde may have escaped West, but Odessa sure didn’t, so the Widow uses Tilde’s girlfriend for bait.  And Tilde does go in, but the Widow offers her a position.  Tilde turns it down for now, but she wants M.K. released.  And since M.K. tried to kill himself, the Widow is using extremely tough love to clean him up.  And that…brings the gift back, allowing M.K. to easily escape, and only Tilde’s presence keeps M.K. from killing the Widow, so M.K,, Odessa, and Tilde all get to leave.

Didn’t Odessa say M.K. almost killed her before and she hated him?

Doesn’t matter much.  Moon is closing in on Sunny.  Apparently, Sunny’s description was enough to set Moon’s Clipper Sense tingling.