May 19, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Lion’s Pride Part 1”

Season Seven, Episode Twelve.

OK, so, Voltron reformed, the Atlas took off, and there’s only a few minutes left, but there’s only fourteen hours left to save the Earth.

Wait.  That was Flash Gordon.  There’s a lot less time than that.

Well, Voltron is here.  The six planet killers are going to kill the planet when only two of them will generally be able to do the job.  Now, surely Voltron can take out those things or even just Sendak’s control ship with a little back-up…

Oh, wait, the Galra have some planet-based weapons that can knock Voltron around because, despite the fact everyone wants Voltron, there are a ton of better weapons out there.  And the Galra are not above blowing up some of their own ships to get Voltron.  And Sendak is going to blow up the Earth.

But there’s still help.  The Atlas‘s shields go up, and it can take hits.  The cadets whose name I never learned can fly down to the planet and blow up those bases to help out Voltron.  And the deflector shields Sendak used to send blasts at Voltron can block the planet-killer beams long enough for the Atlas to take down Sendak’s control ship.

So, Voltron separates, the Cadets blow up the bases, and the Lions block the beams.  However, the Atlas is heavily outnumbered, and the deflectors won’t last for long.  That means there’s only one other thing to do:  Shiro will have to fly over and shut down Sendak’s ship from the inside.

And when the deflectors go out and the Lions are knocked out, the Atlas’s shields will block the beam.  And since Veronica is on the command deck, Lance will wake up in time to save his sister by attacking the planet killers, followed by the other Paladins.

So, Shiro goes in, shuts down the planet killers, and he and Sendak have an epic fight on the hull of the ship as it goes crashing down to Earth; the only thing the Paladins do is make sure the ship doesn’t hit a major population center.

Oh, and Keith actually gets the kill in on Sendak.  Sure, it would have been more thematically appropriate for Shiro to do it, but here we are.

Wow.  That was a lot of action.

Well, the Earth is sav–wait, this is only part one and there’s a meteor coming down…