April 24, 2024

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Doctor Who “Arc Of Infinity Part 4”

The Fifth Doctor. "Arc of Infinity," Final Episode.

So, to recap, insane Time Lord founder Omega has taken over the Matrix while trying to reform his physical body in the matter world, a process that is doomed to failure and will result in a massive, galaxy or universe-destroying explosion if he isn’t stopped.

That may be a bit of a problem.

It is not, however, an unstoppable problem.  Sure, Omega isn’t the most blatantly evil antagonists the series has used, at least this time.  He really just wants to live again and isn’t thinking things through.  Possibly because he’s insane.

But control of the Matrix means he can track what the Time Lords are up to, and the Doctor, well, he needs more information.  He knows Omega captured Tegan somewhere on Earth.  He just has no idea where on Earth.  But if he can go into the Matrix again, perhaps get Omega to let him talk to Tegan…

Wait, that actually works?  I mean, mostly.  Tegan gives the Doctor some basic, vague hints, saying she’s in a crypt in Amsterdam at a certain house, but that’s about all she can say, and the Time Lords found a way for the Doctor to take his TARDIS to Amsterdam but not much else.  Then he’ll need to use the clues Tegan gave him to find Omega and stop him.

You know, it was a big deal when this show shot a serial in Paris.  Now we have Amsterdam.  Did the BBC pony up some more money for the anniversary year?  Or are we going to have even cheaper serials between this and the anniversary special?

Could be both, frankly.

I will give the show credit for a few things, namely how the Doctor finds Tegan.  He doesn’t have a map or coordinates, but he knows she tried to check into a youth hostel and a vague name for the house.  And he knows he can check a phone book.  He can’t call anyone though.  Neither he nor Nyssa carry coins.  And without the TARDIS, they’ll need to go by foot and check each hostel to see if Tegan was there.

I kinda love the fact that the show acknowledged the Doctor doesn’t carry money with him and that it would slow him down.

Fortunately, they find a hostel Tegan checked, the people there know where the house with the crypt is, and the Doctor can slip inside to fiddle with stuff there to stop Omega’s TARDIS.  True, Omega’s sidekick, the Ergon bird monster thing, shows up, but it dropped its own weapon and Nyssa is a good shot.  And then the Doctor can go inside to find Omega, where Omega thinks he’s got a stable new body with the Doctor’s face and his old voice.  And the Doctor tries to tell him he doesn’t, but there’s an explosion, the Doctor looses Ergon’s weapon (which would disperse Omega safely), and there’s a mad chase through the streets of Amsterdam as Omega, using clothes he stole off a gardener he murdered, runs from the Doctor, Nyssa, and Tegan, and thanks to a barking dog, they find Omega as his body continues to fall apart and just before it explodes.

So, all is well.

You know, except for Omega.  He may be dead again.  True, it only took one Doctor this time, but one is enough.

And since Tegan is unemployed and her cousin is safe, she can rejoin the Doctor and Nyssa on the TARDIS.  You know, so it isn’t just an older man going everywhere with a teenage girl he’s not related to.

That might look weird.