June 22, 2024

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Hunters “The Jewish Question”

Season One, Episode Eight

Well, that was unexpected, and possibly satirical.


By this point, Hunters is still trying to have its cake and eat it, too.  So, you get odd scenes like the faux game show where contestants say why they hate Jews alongside stories of why Meyer didn’t marry Ruth due to trauma at the concentration camp.  The show is still a bit all over the place, and I’d like it to make up its mind about what sort of show it is.

You know, if it gets a second season and if I opt to watch said second season.  The jury’s still out on both as of right now.

So, while much of the show right now seems to be about whether or not Jonah will become a hardened killer, we also get the final detail on what and how the Nazis plan to do what they are going to do, namely murder thousands of minorities and other poor folks across America.  As always, the show deals with whether or not the Hunters are doing the right thing.

That’s highlighted here when we meet a real world Nazi hunter played by Judd Hirsch, namely Simon Wiesenthal, and he doesn’t approve of killing Nazis so much as bringing them to trial.  There’s also an encounter with Werner von Braun, a Nazi scientist who helped America win the space race.  Von Braun here faked his own death or something so Jonah can go with Joe and Meyer and torture answers out of him.  Meyer is encouraging Jonah to do awful things, Jonah is going along with them, and various ghosts–particularly Ruth–trying to get him to, you know, not do those things.  And sure, Millie is helping out now, but she’ll be another one encouraging Jonah to simply find the Nazis and not to kill them.

The others are a different story.  Though Jonah does torture von Braun, Joe pulls the trigger.  Mindy kills the Nazi in the basement after Murray’s funeral and some kind of afterlife reunion, and the others want to stop what’s going on.  Jonah more or less did figure out what was going on–the blackout was a distraction to bring a bio agent into the country–and the target is, well, minorities in inner cities across the country because Nazis hate minorities.  And yeah, von Braun does say what they’re using to poison so many people.

Corn syrup.

Corn syrup!

Look, I know corn syrup is a cheap sugar substitute, something that makes food that is less than healthy to begin with inexpensive and something that contributes to the poor dietary health of, well, poorer Americans.  Granted, the Nazi version on the show appears to kill people, well, instantly, and I’m not sure why an ingredient for foodstuffs is being advertised on TV, but here we are.  The show is using a much maligned real world cheap sugar substitute commonly cited as a reason for poor American dietary habits as the vehicle for a bio weapon.

A part of me is actually a bit impressed by all that.

But then again, something like that does fit the bizarre way this show straddles outlandish satirical elements, real world social commentary, and the horrors and tragedies of the past.