December 5, 2021

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Sightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #281: Manifold

An Australian Aborigine teleporter got around...for a little while at least.

Oftentimes, when I write these weekly columns, I wrack my brains for some character from ages ago, maybe a decade or so, that was maybe in a lot of comics when I was reading in the 90s or some other character that I noticed got around a bit in times past that, for whatever reason, isn’t around anymore.

But then I may remember some relatively new character who hung around for a little while, served a purpose, and then seemed to disappear.  He might still be around, but I don’t know for certain.  At any rate, this week I’m covering Marvel’s Manifold.

Manifold was an Australian aborigine by the name of Eden Fesi with the power to bend space and reality, essentially making him an all-purpose teleporter.  A mutant, he was trained by sometime X-Men supporting character Gateway and…

…wait, is teleportation the only superpower an Australian aborigine can have in the Marvel universe?

Regardless, he was recruited by Nick Fury to work with the Secret Warriors team, a move that didn’t work out too well for Eden, but later he was recruited by Iron Man and Captain America to be on the Avengers.  And that meant, well, he was the team bus when an Avengers squad was needed on the other side of the universe.

Yes, he could open portals to any point in the universe.

Manifold was the creation of Jonathan Hickman, and he seems to be a character Hickman needed for his long-running Marvel work that eventually led to his Secret Wars.  Eden’s powers, see, only worked in the universe he was born in.  And, it was implied, every universe had its own Manifold, and they weren’t all the same guy.  As the multiverse was dying, his powers were affected, and in the final moments of the Marvel universe (before it was recreated after Secret Wars), Eden was seen teleporting the select heroes to Reed Richards’s life raft to eventually recreate everything).

As far as I know, that was his last appearance.  Hickman didn’t stick with the Avengers after that, a new team formed, and Manifold wasn’t on it.  Granted, if his purpose was to show the degradation of reality leading into Secret Wars, that only makes sense.

Then again, he was a Hickman-created character, and he was a mutant.  Maybe he’s been in the new House of X story setting.  I haven’t gotten to that yet.

Then again, he can open portals across reality.  There’s no reason he can’t be anywhere.  Maybe he’s just hanging out between panels.

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