June 7, 2023

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Into The Badlands “Moon Rises, Raven Seeks”

Season Three, Episode Two.

Bajie sent out a distress call, and someone came.

Too bad it was, like, the worst person to answer a call.

That would be Pilgrim, a religious nutjob with his own prophet, Cressida, and a caravan of followers.  That includes two people with the Gift that Pilgrim apparently controls.  Yes, the male one seems to be dying because those people burn out quickly, but he finds a new headquarters, a castle in a lake with its own Natural History Museum.

Plus, Pilgrim can kick ass while blindfolded.

But he’s a true believer…mostly.  When he does show doubt, there’s Cressida…who dispenses prophesies when she’s suspended by hooks into her back from the air.  So, yeah…these people are problems.

Then again, there’s always the Widow.  She’s been a problem for a while.  Lydia?  She knows where someone might be that can help Sunny cure Henry, but that person is someone Bajie knows, a woman called the Mad Witch.

Should you go see a former Master called the Mad Witch?  I’d think twice.  So would Bajie.  But neither of us have a sick child, so that isn’t too surprising.

Small problem:  Nathaniel Moon, the Widow’s new Regent, with a brand new hand, comes by.  He has two tasks:  bring back Bajie to return the Gift to M.K. and the Widow, and bring back the head of the Iron Rabbit.  She probably doesn’t know Tilde is the Iron Rabbit.

Fortunately, neither does Moon, who talks to her but the real saving grace is Lydia.  She knows Moon and even goes to negotiate with the Widow, giving Tilde, Bajie, and Sunny a chance to sneak out of Lydia’s refugee camp.  Tilde won’t go the whole way since she didn’t exactly stop the Widow from turning Veil over to Quinn, but Tilde isn’t really the bad guy there.

So, we have a quest, a new villain squatting in a castle, and more intrigue.  Is there anything else we should worry about?

Well, M.K. learns he maybe didn’t kill his mother, but Sunny might have.  Oh, and he overdosed on opium.

That’s one way to keep from getting that silly Gift back.

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