April 14, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Trial By Fire”

Season Seven, Episode Eleven.

You know, Admiral Shanda turning out to be a traitor wasn’t that surprising in the grand scheme of things, but she never came across as evil, just shortsighted.

Shortsighted in that she honestly believed giving Sendak Voltron would have been enough to send the Galra away.

It isn’t.

Then again, she is in a prison cell by herself, as are the Paladins because this is still a family show and killing the Paladins to claim the Lions would be too smart otherwise.

Then again, given how often the Galra do stuff to bring down Voltron, I am really curious why they still want the dang thing.  It’s not the mightiest weapon in the universe or something if a concentrated energy beam can take it down.

So, we only have a few options, and one is the cow and the mice somehow save the day.

The other is Shiro and the Galaxy Garrison will have to do it.  If they can just get the Atlas powered up and flying, then they can…do something since it’s still only one ship against an entire Galra fleet.  Oh sure, they have the four Cadets whose names I never learned because why would I? flying around in their jets, so four fighters and one battleship against an entire fleet that has six planet killers set to kill the planet.

And the Atlas has never even gotten off the ground before.  Sure, it’s big enough to hold everyone inside the base, civilians included, but it can’t exactly win if it can’t fly.  And sure, using the power of the shield to charge it seems like a good idea, but if the shield is down, then the base goes boom.

Then again, the shields were apparently not strong enough to stop the Galra planet-killers, so they would have gone down anyway.  And with the four fighters providing cover against an increasing number of Galra ships, the Atlas…still isn’t getting enough power to take off.

You know, until Sam says something about needing the power of a few black holes and Coran remembers a small crystal he has that is all that remains of the original Castle of Lions after all that stuff in the quintessence compressed it down, and that thing is not only powerful enough to charge the entire Atlas, it actually installs itself.

And then, because why not?, Shiro is in charge of the ship.  And yeah, it’s only one ship, but the main cannon packs a really good punch.

And by then, the Paladins have taken control of the Lions from inside their prison cells.  Sanda sacrificed herself to help, and she even earned some forgiveness as the Paladins got out and got to their Lions.

So, two episodes left to save the Earth by season’s end?  Sure, why not?