February 1, 2023

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Hunters “Shalom Motherf***er”

Season One, Episode Seven

So, you can’t really expect everything to work out for the heroes in a series like this.  I mean, just about everything goes wrong for them in this one.

Let’s review:  Jonah does crack the code for the message, suggesting a biological agent will be released on New York City on the date the Markowitz’s discovered.  Granted, Jonah doesn’t know that’s the date for the great New York City blackout mostly because for him it hasn’t happened yet, but I have the awesome power of hindsight, so it’s a wee bit different for me.

However, by now those lousy Nazis are gettin’ wise to the Hunters, and not just because Murray and Mindy have one chained in their basement they don’t quite know what to do with yet.  How do you get revenge for the death of a child?  Can it ever be adequate for the grief that man caused?  And what if he doesn’t remember what he did?

Fortunately, Jonah comes by and alerts them…or he doesn’t  Who can say?  He, Joe, and Lonny had tracked down the bio-weapons guy to a fancy home to find the man dying.

But how much can things go wrong?  Well, let’s see…

The Nazis gave Millie some evidence that Meyer is up to something involving some unsolved murders, and though Millie knows the victims were all Nazis, she doesn’t really want Meyer so much as what Meyer knows.  However, she also doesn’t believe him when he says the city is in danger like, right now.

Point is, he’s sitting in a holding cell.

That leaves the others–except for Roxy who Joe warned to leave town–to try and stop the Nazis.  Jonah, Murray, and Lonnie check Grand Central and spot Travis going into a subway.  The others stake out the powerplant, and the dying scientist’s widow does show up to shoot Joe, but then Sister Harriet pops the episode title and a cap in her skull, so that didn’t happen.

That may be the only thing that goes right.

See, Jonah and Murray do find the bomb, but it’s a rather conventional one, and while Jonah does get the car cleared, Murray can’t disarm the bomb in time and dies.  Likewise, Travis stabs Lonny in the stomach.

And then the power planet blows up anyway.

But that looks like it was one big diversion so the Nazis can smuggle their bio-agent into the country undetected.

Oh, those Nazis!

So, one Hunter dead, one seriously injured, one in jail, and none of them stopped a damn thing.

Oh, and Biff had to fight off an assassin in his own home when his cover may have been compromised by the press.  But I don’t really see what Biff has to do with anything so far, so I’m not much interested in how he flounders all over the place.

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