July 16, 2024

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YouTube Selection: The Best Fight Scenes?

What was the best fight scene put to film? Some videos have opinions on that.

If you’ve seen an action movie, you’ve seen a fight scene.  There are a lot of really impressive ones out there if you know where to look.  But what makes any fight scene potentially the best fight scene in any movie?

One YouTuber, Rossatron, has some ideas on that.

Rossatron’s channel looks at action movies and analyzing them for not just what scenes are cool but what scenes work well and why.  And he has an opinion for what the best fight scene ever was, and it involves Jackie Chan.  He explains his reasoning, and for that alone, I’d say that’s worth a look.

Then again, that’s one man’s opinion.  I generally dig CineFix’s lists as their Top Tens often recommend a good fifty or so movies.  So, as a bonus, here’s their Top Ten Best Fight Scenes.