November 27, 2022

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Hunters “(Ruth 1:16)”

Season One, Episode Six.

Well, backstory for the different Hunters…what a nice thing to see.

Most of the episode revolves around the wedding for Murray and Mindy’s daughter.  The group is looking for the Nazi nicknamed the Ghost, and we see a bit of how they investigate things.  Lonny takes the book he found to a translator he knows and learns it’s, like, a Nazi work of fiction.  Joe has a contact to give a name for the Ghost, but that guy who served in the Army with Joe is a shell of his former self.

And then there’s Sister Harriet, who squirreled away with a Nazi refugee last episode.  Is she a traitor?  We see as a girl, she grew up in Germany until her father shipped her off to England for safety with a nun.  Still, why did she save this guy?  Is she working for the other side?

Um, no.  At least, not for this.  The guy she caught was a “wedding gift” for the Markowitzes.  They also survived the Holocaust, but they had a small boy when they were taken to the camps, the Nazis killed the boy as soon as they arrived.  The guy Harriet brought in, well, it seems he’s the man who killed their very young son.

Well, this looks like the Hunters may be winning something.  Jonah does confide in his one friend what’s going on, and Meyer might be his grandfather, but there are other factions here.  Millie, for example, has to break up with her girlfriend after that beating because people are on to her, and she learns about the (real world!) thing called Operation Paperclip.

Oh, and the Colonel sends an agent to Meyer’s house.  Meyer’s at the wedding, but that doesn’t stop the goons from setting Meyer’s library full of evidence on fire.

Dude, libraries are sacred spaces, man.  Stupid Nazis and their book-burning ways…

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