July 21, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Visitation Part 4”

The Fifth Doctor. "The Visitation," Episode Four.

Well, this is the end of the road for Richard Mace.  That’s too bad.  He’s colorful and fun.  Why can’t we swap him for, well, any of the other current companions?  Like Adric?

But first, the Doctor needs to get away from Tegan and Mace since both are under the Turtle-Man’s control, and Tegan is opening up the plague rat’s cage.

But this is the Doctor.  He’ll be fine.  First, he shocks Mace with a spare alien power pack.  Then he can wrestle Tegan down long enough to get her mind control bracelet’s power pack out.  With both his friends fixed, the Doctor can concentrate on getting out of the cell.

Or, Mace can since he’s actually a master lockpick and the Doctor has a safety pin on his person.  That at least gets the Doctor’s manacles off.  The door is another story, but the Doctor is a crack shot with Mace’s single-shot pistol.

And speaking of pistols…that word sounds a lot like “pissy” which is what the Doctor is this episode.  He’s had enough of Tegan’s sarcasm, and since the group is locked inside, he gets pissy when Adric shows up with the TARDIS.  Apparently, successfully freeing the miller’s mind and swiping the mind control chips from the basement wasn’t enough to make things work out well for him.

Oh, yeah, Adric was arrested in Part 3, but the android came through and scared the villagers away.  The only companion the Doctor isn’t upset with is Nyssa because she did what he wanted, didn’t get captured, and didn’t try to go off on her own because she did put together the sonic weapon to take out the android.

Of course, with the TARDIS, the Doctor can track Turtle-Men to wherever they went next since it’ll be the only place in the nearest city with advanced electronics that the TARDIS’s scanners can easily pick up.  And since the TARDIS can be navigated successfully only as the plot demands it, they plop it down right outside the bakery where the Turtle-Men (all three of them) are planning to spread their deadly plague.

Well, that just means it’s time to sack up and beat the baddies.  Of course, fight choreography has never been Doctor Who‘s strong point, but the Doctor has four people with him and there are only three Turtle-Men, so it turns out they aren’t that formidable.   Heck, I got to see Tegan clubbing one one with the butt of a flintlock rifle Mace brought with them from the manor house.

Of course, there’s more to it than that, and Turtle-Man Supreme had dropped a weapon nearby and that thing exploded near a torch the Doctor dropped.  And while the human (or human-looking) folks manage to get out, the Turtle-Men aren’t so lucky.  The Doctor does toss all the plague vials inside the burning building, but then it’s time to go.  The Doctor offers to give Mace a ride somewhere, but Mace declines, opting to stay and help fight the fire.

And thus, we lose an awesome character.

Well, it’s time to try, once again, to return Tegan to the airport, but why didn’t the Doctor help put out the fire?

Well, because it was the incident that started the historic Great London Fire of 1666.