June 18, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Know Your Enemy”

Season Seven, Episode NIne.

Hey!  The cow came back!  They didn’t leave her behind!  Good for them!

You know, Voltron has been pretty serialized before, but it feels moreso right this second.  Just sayin’.  Anyway, now that the Paladins know what’s going on back on Earth, it’s time for Voltron to…stay hidden on one of Saturn’s moons for the time being since Sam suggests Sendak might raze the planet if Voltron shows up.  That means cramming everyone except the mice and the cow into a stolen Galra fighter and flying back to Earth, dodging some of the new Galra weapons they find there, and eventually being rescued by the cadets from the last few episodes that have a cool big wheeled car.

Wait, are they perhaps meant to remind me of the other Voltron?  If so…I guess that’s cool?

However, much of this episode serves as set-up.  While most of the Paladins are given a warm welcome, particularly for Lance and Pidge to see their families again, not all is well.  Shiro’s ex was one of the pilots who died last episode, and Hunk’s family is being held as slave labor.  The Galaxy Garrison is mostly glad to see them.  You know, everyone except that Admiral Sanda.  She actually suggested trading the Lions.

Then again, they do have a lot of stuff underground, including a battleship, based off that Altaean design Sam brought back.  The big problem is most of it doesn’t function due to a lack of a strong enough power source.

So, the Paladins find something to do in the meantime. Pidge and Coran realize they downloaded Sendak’s memories into the Castle of Lions back when he was briefly their prisoner, so they can grill that download about tactics and the like Sendak would use.  Allura is looking to give Shiro a better robo-hand.

And Hunk, well, he and Keith snuck off to see if they could rescue Hunk’s family.  And they can’t.  At least…not yet.

The Galra made Hunk mad.  That will not end well for them.