November 27, 2022

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Hunters “At Night, All Birds Are Black”

Season One, Episode Five.

You know, I’m starting to think some of these Hunters might be hiding something.

Mostly because they are.

The Hunters are on the lookout for a former Nazi doctor called “the Ghost,” and they have two leads.  One is a man who worked the camps as a scientist, and another is a woman who worked as a propagandist.  He’s living in Alabama doing whatever it is people do in Alabama, and she’s a political consultant for the Republican party.

Two Nazis means two teams, and that means splitting up.  Jonah, Joe, and Sister Harriet will go to Alabama to see the man who forced Jews to drink sea water until they died while Meyer, Lonny, and Roxy go to see the woman.

Mindy and Murray stay behind because their daughter is getting married in a few days.

But then some things come up.  Jonah’s team does manage to capture the guy during a Fourth of July fireworks celebration, one that makes Joe have some kind of flashback to Vietnam.  But under torture, the guy brings up lots of Nazi scientists living in the area because the American government took them in to start the space race.  And then, Sister Harriet excuses herself to get one of the people the captured man named.  While Joe and Jonah finish their guy off, Harriet…finds the guy and smuggles him away in the group’s car.

Why is she saving a Nazi?  Or, more accurately, why is she saving this Nazi?

The other group doesn’t do much better.  They do capture the woman, and she knows the right things to say to set each of them off, but when she calls Meyer a fraud in German…he shoots her before they can get any more information.  Sure, Lonny manages to get a book of some kind, but what set Meyer off in the first place?

These are the show’s mysteries for now.  I mean, other stuff happens like Biff and the Colonel having a sit-down where he asks to see the General (fat chance of that perhaps) and Millie gets beaten up by people unknown since she may be asking too many questions and they know she has a girlfriend.

But then there was the cold open, where some scientists seem pleased a bunch of Latin American children are all dead in a hut…

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