September 28, 2022

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Doctor Who “Kinda Part 4”

The Fifth Doctor. "Kinda," Final Episode.

Well, the Doctor and Dr. Todd are lost in a jungle that is apparently not too uncomfortable if you’re wearing a long coat and sweater combo, and the only possible guide back to the dome, an old blind woman, is dead.

But really, things could be worse.

See, the Kinda are more sophisticated than they appear to be.  The old woman’s mind and memories instantly transfer to her young assistant, who immediately turns around and goes back for Todd and the Doctor.  See?  Now it’s not so bad.  The Doctor just has to stop the Kinda from assaulting the Dome and starting a war with the people of the Earth.

Oh, and they need to pick up Tegan, who apparently has been sleeping on the jungle floor for the past two days.

See, falling asleep by the freaky wind chimes if you are alone, like she was, opens the door for the return of the evil Mara.  Now, it’s not in Tegan at the moment, but she did accidentally let it through and no one is really mad at her for that.  But still, there’s a problem at the Dome.

Like Adric trying to take one of those walker suits out, but the thing responds to emotions, and when the Kinda attack by…dancing around and shoving at it…he panics and the guns come on, shooting at the guy possessed by the Mara.

Fortunately, that scares everyone off.  Unfortunately, Adric somehow uses this time to blame Tegan for this whole mess, proving once again that there’s a good reason the fans hated him since he sounds kinda sexist when he says that.

Of course, by then Hindle had rigged the Dome with explosives, and the Doctor needs to disarm them.  It almost works for the Doctor since Hindle and Sanders seem to be the same brand of insane at the moment, and the Doctor even learns the reason the two Kinda inside the Dome follow Hindle is because he shined a mirror in their faces, and they think that means Hindle possesses their souls.

I thought the Kinda were more sophisticated than they looked.  Oh well.

You know, we never did learn what was in that box.  Still not Gwyneth Paltrow’s head.

Todd does convince Hindle to open it, and that beam of whatever seems to knock him out, so the Doctor can disarm the bombs.  Also, he knows the real way to stop the Mara is to use mirrors since evil can’t look itself in the eye.

Snow White might disagree with that assessment.

As it is, using some solar panels as make-shift mirrors, the Doctor, Tegan, Adric, Todd, and the Kinda manage to trap the possessed guy in the middle of them, getting the Mara out, and even as the Mara turns into a somewhat effective-looking given the budget of the show snake, everyone does manage to banish the Mara back to…wherever it came from.

Though the Doctor hinted to Tegan’s dismay it might still be inside her mind.

Oh well.  Turned out the box that made men crazy was actually a cure-all device, so Hindle is sane again.  Sanders might be as well.  They’re going to stay on the planet while Todd opts to leave, telling Earth the place is not good for a colony.  And hey, Nyssa is awake and back at the TARDIS feeling fine.

I get the impression this whole serial was basically about the strengths and weaknesses of having a good, long nap.

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