May 19, 2024

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Into The Badlands “Nightingale Sings No More”

Season Two, Episode Nine.

We’re close to the halfway point to this series, and we’ve seen a lot of downright spectacular fight scenes, often with Sunny going up against all kinds of people, sometimes alone, sometimes in a mob.

So, color me surprised that the most brutal fight of the series so far doesn’t even feature him.

That would be when the Widow and Tilde throw down, but that comes at the end of the episode.  The episode opens with a flashback showing, unsurprisingly, that Bajie was the Widow’s old teacher when she was just a girl called Flea.  And he’s been trying to get back to her ever since she had her powers stripped from her by the Abbots.

Never mind she has a book she claims can give her the powers back.  They can give M.K. the powers back too.  The only real difference is he doesn’t want them back.  Like, ever.

But there are some developments as alliances made are alliances broken almost immediately.  For example, Tilde and M.K.  They like each other.  Are they in love?  I was pleasantly surprised to see M.K. learned Tilde had a love interest, namely former Doll Odessa.  I was pleasantly surprised when M.K. expressed genuine happiness for Tilde when she told him.  He didn’t mind in the slightest that his only friend about his age wasn’t looking for romance.  So, really, no problems there, right?

Naw!  Odessa was a survivor of that attack M.K. did before the series started that slaughtered all those Cogs, and she doesn’t mind sharing that with Tilde.  So, yeah, M.K. and Tilde may be friends much longer.

I’m not sure M.K. knows that yet…

Regardless, there’s still the really odd alliance of Sunny and the Widow.  Sunny is the series protagonist and a clear good guy.  The Widow…well, she’s ambiguous.  She talks a good game, but her actions say something else.

Naturally, Quinn sends a suicide bomber in to tell the pair that Quinn married Veil, adopted Henry, and, oh yeah, the Widow gave Veil up to Quinn.

So, that alliance ended, as Sunny heads off, plowing through the Widow’s stylish Clippers in their cool bowler hats.  Waldo had given him a tip on where to get some weapons for whatever plan he has cooked up, and Bajie manages to take out one last opponent, promising he’d find M.K. and meet Sunny somewhere else.

Of course, Bajie hears about the book and decides to swipe that first on his way out, so he and M.K. are captured and the Widow is not all that happy to see her old teacher.

She’s perhaps less happy to hear Tilde get in her face over the Widow’s recent actions, actions that suggest she’s no better than any other Baron.  And then there’s the aforementioned brutal fight, one that I found particularly impressive, and though the Widow prevails, it wasn’t in a walk.  Tilde got her hits in.

And the strongest of them were verbal ones.

Looks like we’ve got everything set up for a good season finale.