February 26, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “The Last Stand Part 2”

Season Seven, Episode Eight.

Well, last we saw, Sendak found the Earth.  Just in time, the Galaxy Garrison put up a shield that, well, is about to be tested.

See, Sendak wants Voltron.  Too bad Voltron isn’t there, and telling Sendak that isn’t possible doesn’t make him go away.

So, the Galra attack.

And man, did it look ugly.  People are dying on this cartoon show in large numbers.  Sure, we don’t see it, but it’s obviously happening.  And all Admiral Sanda wants to do is send out the regular pilots, and these are people we see that even get some personality.

They all die.

The only thing keeping this one outpost in one piece is the new shields.  Then someone finally listens to Sam and not the Admiral and scrambles the cadets in the new jets the alien tech built, plus fired the new supercanon and actually toom a Galra cruiser down.  True, they only have two more shots on that thing, but Sendak doesn’t know that.

Instead, he orders a fall back in order to lay siege to the rest of the planet.

And the Admiral’s reward to Sam and Colonel Squinty is the promise of future punishment for disobeying her disastrous orders.  She sucks.

Well, the Garrison’s last base has food and supplies to last a little while, but they did find some underground tunnels left over from World War III and…

…oh my…

So, really, the cadets go looking for materials so the Garrison can finish this superweapon starship they were building, taking a woman named Veronica with them who turns out to be Lance’s sister, and she’s nothing like him so she’s kinda badass.  She appears to die, but comes back later with a resistance movement and the rest of her family.  The Galra basically enslaved the rest of the planet to build weapons, but they do manage to get a message out of the solar system to Voltron.

And that’s where the flashback ends, with Keith ordering Voltron to go in and take back the planet.

Well, Sendak.  You wanted Voltron.  Looks like you’re gonna get it now for sure, you one-armed jackass.