July 16, 2024

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The New Pope “Fifth Episode”

Season One, Episode FIve.

Violello goes to a movie to chat with a guy about the events in this episode, and for the life of me, I was wondering what the hell kind of movie it was involving an attractive redhead not wearing much and seeing a guru or something.  Voiello, apparently, isn’t watching the movie and asks his companion how it is.  He’s told the movie is crap.

That might explain why the two are the only ones there.

Well, despite whatever Sofia’s husband is up to, we can say for certain that John Brannox may have finally found a way to make himself noteworthy and memorable.

That doesn’t come with a meeting with…Sharon Stone?  It sure is strange that this new Pope is just meeting famous people.  And he expects a gift?  She does give him her shoes.  I suppose that works.  Am I expected to give the Pope a present if he wants to meet me?

I did actually like the scene.  Stone asked the Pope to OK gay marriage for Catholics, and Brannox says, basically, he isn’t the guy who has the courage to make that change, but the best part of life is he doesn’t have to.  He says life evolves no matter what anyone tries to do, so society will do all that for him.

But then he has to deal with a terrorist attack at Lourdes that happened off-screen.  He needs to find the right word for it.  And he does.  It’s “no”.  Repeated over and over, louder and louder.  And the crowd goes for it.  Heck, he even has a plan he shares with Sofia about what to do about pedophile priests.  He can’t punish them because the Church preaches forgiveness, but he also can’t do nothing since they’re still monsters.  He does propose letting priests marry–to either gender–and give them a sexual outlet and maybe put a stop to that.  I’m not sure how that would or wouldn’t work, but here we are.

But then something happens:  Pope Lenny starts breathing harder, and somehow, it goes on the radio.  That goes on for a few minutes.  I’m not really making that up.  His breathing goes on for a while, all the while everyone listens in awe.

So much for Brannox making a name for himself.

Oh, and Esther had some revelation about her life after all that breathing.

I’d say it looks like Pope Lenny is waking up, but I’ve made that guess at least twice so far and the guy’s still out cold.