April 18, 2024

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Lost In Space “Severed”

Season Two, Episode Six.

So, is Dr. Smith trying to be good?

If she is, she may suck at it. If she isn’t, I am not all that surprised.

To review, the metal-eating whatever-it-is is eating through the hull of the Resolute.  Now, there is an easy way to fix that by simply jettisoning that section into space and then there are no more problems.

But there is a problem before there can be no more problems, and that would be there are people trapped in that section, namely Penny, Vijay, Smith, and the school teacher Mr. Jackson.  Now, the Robinsons tend to survive, and at this point in the show, even the other characters begin to acknowledge this.  Except, Penny is the artistic Robinson, not the scientifically-minded one.  And the rest of her family isn’t on the Resolute.

Don is.  Don will help.  Don even knows a faster way to save everyone thanks to his smuggling habits.  There’s an airtight box with a heater inside of it that can hold everyone long enough to swoop in and scoop them up in a Jupiter.  Sure, the higher-ups aren’t happy to learn Don smuggles in delicious Kobe steaks, but what else are they gonna do?

All that actually works.  The box initially only holds three people, but the heater can be removed.  Vijay finds the box, Mr. Jackson suggests removing the heater, Smith–after trying to talk Jackson into staying–instead uses her “therapist skills” to convince Jackson to get over his extreme claustrophobia, and Don does everything he said he’d do.  Penny doesn’t think she did anything until Vijay does the sort of thing that happens on a show like this by pointing out Penny convinced Smith to be a better person.  Because, see, that’s what the Robinsons do.

Oh, and then Don was arrested for smuggling.


As for the rest of the episode, that dealt with Will and Maureen finding the Robot, only it was SAR, and Adler had some lethal anti-Robot weapons he didn’t mention before.  These guys are hiding something.

Not hiding anymore:  the real Robot, who pops up to catch Will after the boy falls into a fissure.

What does all this mean?  It means we still have four more episodes this season.