May 23, 2024

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Into The Badlands “Sting Of The Scorpion’s Tail”

Season Two, Episode Eight.

Well, if anyone thought Sunny getting back into the Badlands would be simple or easy, well, they clearly have never seen a TV show before.

Basically, Sunny has to use his brains to get back to Veil, and they both have problems.

Veil, much against her will, is told she’s to marry Quinn because Barons can have as many wives as they want.  Considering the episode opened with the Widow and Quinn exchanging the heads of other Barons and Quinn has several more boxes for the heads of the dead man’s many wives and children, well…yeah, that happened.  The Widow sure isn’t doing the right thing here.

Lydia doesn’t care for Quinn’s decision to marry Veil, but she knows it can all go wrong if Quinn doesn’t get his way because he still has an army of Clippers.  Quinn really just wants to raise Henry, so if he has to take Veil out and keep the baby, he’s fine with that.  Killing Quinn isn’t an option either as his people would probably kill the baby after that.

Why are these people so fanatically loyal to crazy people?

At least Tilde sees the results of her actions as far as Veil goes.

But while Veil may be forced into a marriage with the man who killed her parents, Sunny has a different problem:  Bajie’s hired smuggler is really just ushering new slaves into the Badlands for one Baron Chau, and even Sunny can only do so much fighting with M.K. and Bajie.  But then Sunny has an idea, and it’s rather perfect.

He’ll help Chau get the Widow in exchange for his freedom.  All he has to do is let the Widow know through a “defecting” Clipper that he’s taking M.K. to the River King and that will bring the Widow out.  Sure, it looks like he’s betraying his two partners, but Sunny is a good man, so really, he’s arming M.K. and keeping him in the loop while slipping Bajie a key to the chubby man’s cell.  Sunny figures Bajie will just run off.

Instead, Bajie follows them.

The Widow is his former pupil, isn’t she?

Never mind.  It turns out the plan has a monkey wrench thrown in, and that’s the fact the Widow knows where Veil and Henry are, so if Sunny wants them back, he better not turn the Widow over to Chau.

And, yeah, that means our big fight for the episode is the Widow and Sunny working together, particularly as M.K. does what he can to survive it and Tilde tossing in to help.

And that helps Veil in the end because the one thing that can stop Quinn from enjoying his wedding night or Veil from cutting his throat when he isn’t paying too much attention is Lydia bursting in with news that Sunny is back in the Badlands, teamed with the Widow.

Yeah, Quinn won’t sit for that.  Will it keep Henry and Veil alive?  We’ll just have to wait and see.