March 23, 2023

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “The Last Stand Part 1”

Season Seven, Episode Seven.

Well, that was somehow enlightening and unexpected, and yet oh-so-familiar.

Yes, after all the action of the past few episodes, we finally get somewhere.  That would be Earth.  But there’s a catch because there’s always a catch.  That would be a message from Pidge’s father Sam, basically telling anyone listening (that would be Voltron) to, well, stay far away from Earth.

And then we get a flashback, one where we find out what happened when Sam finally got home.  That meant reuniting with his wife…wait, Pidge and Matt’s mother has been living alone waiting for her family to come back for how many years?

That…is a bit of something I’d rather not think about.

Anyway, all seems well.  Sam tells the Galaxy Garrison about, well, everything that happened since the show started.  You know, sometimes when I read comics, you get a “good jumping on point for new readers” issue, and this episode felt like one of those.  That’s fine.

Sure, there are some new developments.  The Garrison does have some fighter jets based on alien tech that they haven’t told anyone about yet, but then Sam does the one thing they couldn’t:  get the ships to actually fly with the quartet of young pilots at the ready.  The only thing the Garrison won’t let Sam do is tell the world what happened or leave the base.

So, Pidge’s parents do that anyway by broadcasting to the entire world.  Man, that admiral was so pissed, but we dd see both Hunk and Lance apparently have huge families.

Anyway, that actually works out because the world unites behind the Garrison, and if that doesn’t tell you this is a family show since no one causes problems, I don’t know what will.

And that may be a good thing because the Garrison got some new energy shields that work great.

They know that because the Galra, led by Sendak, show up and the shields get tested really fast after that…

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