April 24, 2024

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Lost In Space “Run”

Season Two, Episode Five.

With an episode title like this, there better be a lot of running.

There is.  One of the plots for this one involves a lot of running.  It’s not like the they could use another one.  Then they’d have to call the episode “stink”.

So, who’s running?  That would be Judy.  John is badly injured at the bottom of a hole, and while there are some miners that can pull him out, it won’t be safe without some kind of medical professional there, and Judy can spare herself.

The problem is, the water on this planet eats metal, and her chariot breaks down before she can get there.  So, she has to run, even cutting across country to save time.  Sure, that involves dodging some local predators, but it turns out Judy is better at jumping chasms than those things are.

And, since this is a family-friendly adventure show, that also means some potentially uplifting moments get spliced in as we get some flashbacks to Judy and John’s relationship, how they were close (mostly) even though John is only Judy’s adopted father.  And then she gets there in time to save his life, so that’s a nice moment.

On the other side, there’s Penny’s decision to bring that Dr. Smith down.  Smith tossed a garbage bag down a chute with some potentially incriminating evidence in them, so she just needs to get down there and find it.  And hey, her old pal Vijay is in her class, and he has access codes.  Oh, and they did share a kiss once, so it won’t be too hard to get him down there.

OK, so, bottom line, they do find the garbage bag with some ripped up paper with suspicious wording on it.  And since it is a trash compactor and this is a TV show, of course someone will switch it on and Penny will of course have a foot stuck inside.  But did they really think we would think Vijay would ditch her down there?  He obviously left to switch the machine off.

As it is, Smith left a decoy message in there about what curiosity did to the cat, and she even comes by to, I dunno, gloat?  Smith’s big thing is she is Dr. Smith now, and it doesn’t matter what Penny knows so much as what Penny can prove.

That…sounds like something I would tell my students actually.

But while all this is going on, and Will and Maureen are looking for the Robot on the planet’s surface with Adler–near another trench from the looks of things–it does seem as if the order to not take more water up to the Resolute came too late as the corridor near Penny, Vijay, and Smith seems to be disintegrating.

Yeah, that can’t be good.  Maybe they should have called the episode “falling”.