September 24, 2023

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “The Journey Within”

Season Seven, Episode Six.

Do we find out where the cow is this episode?  No?  Oh, OK.

But then again, Hunk saves the day this time.

The Paladins are still flying through space at only partial power.  Shiro actually has a good idea, suggesting the Paladins themselves can somehow charge the Lions just like they did once before when Zarkon drained Voltron entirely during one attack.  If the Paladins can act as one, they can charge Voltron!

Well, this show often does have magic and stuff, so why not?

But then…suddenly…a storm of some kind!  It hits everything hard and leaves everyone frozen on the Lions…except the Paladins.  The current ones.  Shiro is frozen too.  I am assuming the cow is, but no one ever seems to check on that poor critter.

Well, the Lions are now completely without power and drifting apart.  The Paladins are awake, so maybe they can use something Allura has for just such am emergency…she packed a rope.

Cue a second flare that knocks the Paladins far from, well, everything but themselves.

This is such an odd episode.  Oh, not like Voltron at the ice capades odd, but “the Paladins float through space and try to stay sane” odd.  And, well, they’re out there for a while.  How long?  I don’t know.  Long enough for them to start to go insane.  Keith snaps at Allura, Allura snaps back, Lance backs her up, and Pidge starts doing math in her head.  And who keeps it together?

Hunk.  Why?  Because he’s used to being scared.  As such, he can keep his sanity.

So, when the others think they see the Earth and start flying towards it, he’s the one who asks questions like where the sun and the moon are, finally pulling out his bayard and shooting the Earth.

OK, apparently, the bayards weren’t working.  So, Hunk firing off a shot is noteworthy.

Even more so is the fact it wasn’t the Earth but a giant space monster with an eye that looks a lot like female genitalia and a big mouth.  And now that everyone can see it, and when everyone keeps Hunk from sacrificing himself so they can get away, the bayards are working and the Lions even show up because a grappling hook is not a good weapon to use against a planet-sized predator, Pidge!

So, yeah, the Lions are charged, Voltron forms, and the monster flies away…mostly because the storm came back and hits Voltron, only this time, the fully-charged robot sprouts all kinds of booster rockets and flies out the other side, curing everyone that was frozen, including, I am guessing, the cow.

And the Milky Way is right in front of them.  The storm cut a lot of time off their journey, and now they’re just about back to Earth.

Where, I am sure, everything is fine and peaceful.