December 1, 2022

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Hunters “The Mourner’s Kaddish”

Season One, Episode Two.

So, the opening credits for Hunters shows all the different characters on the show depicted as chess pieces on a board, working to check each other, and I noticed something: the game has three players.  There’s Meyer and his Hunters on one side, the Colonel and her Nazi agents on the other, and off to the side is FBI agent Millie Morris, who I suspect would arrest the whole lot of them if she could find them.

Too bad it looks like the Wolf is looking for her himself when he isn’t terrorizing small children on airplanes by casually chatting about his philosophical outlook on peanut allergies.

But in the meantime, Jonah meets the Hunters.  Most of them are not happy to see him.  There’s Sister Harriet, a nun and former spy for Mi6.  She doesn’t want him there.  Roxy Jones, the young woman with the big Afro who is apparently the only one Meyer pays for her services, and she isn’t impressed with the boy.  Joe Mizushima, a Vietnam vet and combat specialist, he really doesn’t want to see Jonah there.  There’s an old married couple that do the tech stuff, Murray and Mindy Markowitz.  They stay kinda quiet.  Meyer, of course, wants Jonah there

And then there’s Lonny Flash, the master of disguise and possibly a well-known actor in this universe.  He actually is glad to see Jonah.

But is Jonah glad to be there?

Well, he does look over some evidence and quickly deduce the location of another Nazi, one who forced Jewish musicians to play German music on the threat of death in the camps.  And we see in a prologue many of them happily went to death when they switched from Wagner to “Hava Nagila”.  Or, if not happily, then at least doing something for the other prisoners as they died.

But, you know, finding a Nazi isn’t the same as killing a Nazi.  Jonah is less on board with that even though Meyer takes Jonah along to take out a music producer who, well, did the thing I described in the above paragraph.  Things are going well, and they even find a radio transmitter sending out…something in the next room.  The Markowitzes will look into that with what they manage to take after Jonah screws up by offering the captured Nazi a drink.

That almost gets Jonah killed when the guy shatters the drinking glass and uses it to cut himself free and threaten Jonah.  It does get the Nazi killed when Joe puts one between the Nazi’s eyes before they could learn what the Nazi knew.

Point is, Jonah is disturbed and leaves a funeral ceremony for his grandmother, ditching Meyer.

Meanwhile, the Colonel is using blackmail on a Senator, caught in the act doing some Star Trek roleplay during a session of gay sex, to get a bill passed involving South American trade.  She says they’re the good guys.

I kinda doubt that right now.

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