February 27, 2024

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Into The Badlands “Leopard Stalks In Snow”

Season Two, Episode Six.

Well, I did not see that reveal about Bajie coming.

Then again, it does make him something of an unexpected badass.  I approve of that sort of thing.

But first…are Clippers some sort of unlimited resource?  All the ones with Lydia died in that explosion at the end of the previous episode, and even though she lives and tries to actually kill her, let’s say estranged husband, the two then start making out.

What do the ladies see in Quinn anyway?  He looks like the kind of guy who continually has food stuck in his beard.

Never mind all that.  I’m mostly wondering how Quinn or Jade or whoever still has Clippers left.

I’m also wondering why the Widow decided to team up with Quinn since he’s, well, the worst of the bunch last I checked.  And for all the Widow is about letting people in, she sure was hesitant when Tilde delivered Veil and Henry.

But that turned out to be a good character moment, so I won’t complain.  See, Quinn does accept the Widow’s invitation to talk, though he ignores the “come alone and unarmed” part, but this is Quinn and the Widow ain’t stupid, so she was prepared for that anyway.  Plus, Waldo knew where Quinn was because Quinn, well, he ain’t that bright if you know much about the man.  Quinn will do a temporary truce and team-up with the Widow if the Widow can turn Veil over to Quinn.  And, well, the Widow does because Veil once gave Tilde poison to kill the Widow with.

See?  Character!  And continuity!  We might have forgotten the least violent person on the show once handed out poison!

Alright, but then I have another question:  if this show is supposedly set 500 years after some kind of apocalypse, how did M.K. and fellow escapee Ava find a nearly intact old hotel with a nearly intact Christmas display?

They don’t know what Christmas is, by the way, and the show is set in at least the year 2524.

They couldn’t go one year more?

Anyway, there are some abbots after M.K. and Ava.  And while M.K.’s dark gift seems to have been turned off, the abbots have a means to follow them anyway.

Fortunately, Sunny shows up.  Alone, but with his new badass sword.  Can Sunny, M.K., and Ava with her gift on stop three abbots?

Um, no.  I mean, it looks cool and all, and Ava dies because she isn’t a main character.  But then the strangest thing happens:  Bajie drives through a wall in the abbots’ truck, and, well, the abbots know him because Bajie used to be an abbot.

Did they just make Nick Frost a badass?  I mean, he was pretty badass in the barroom brawl scene in The World’s End so I am not surprised, but man, that was cool.

And while Bajie doesn’t have the gifts of an abbot anymore, he still knows a trick for immobilizing one, allowing Sunny to shish-kabob the last one.  But as that guys is dying, there’s some glowing body parts, he taps Sunny in the chest a couple times, and maybe Sunny shouldn’t take five more steps because if he does, his heart might explode.

Or he can just collapse as the episode ends because that abbot did something to him…