July 16, 2024

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The New Pope “Second Episode”

Second Episode.

Just so we’re straight on this one:  Jude Law is an English actor playing an American-born pope on this show while American actor John Malkovich plays the English soon-to-be Pope.

Got that?  Good.  Let’s move on.

“Move on” might be a little tricky though.  This episode moves at a very slow and deliberate pace.  That actually fits in with the personality of Malkovich’s Cardinal John Brannox.  He isn’t a man to rush things, and Voiello really wants him as the new Pope.

Granted, they just ordained a new Pope who died under mysterious circumstances, namely a heart attack, and there seems to be a lot of people thinking there’s something suspicious about that.  Granted, Francis II’s death was rather suspicious.  And convenient.

Point is, we don’t really know if there was something deliberate done to Francis, and it sure does look like it was a possibility.  Voiello is a little suspicious, but he’s always a little suspicious, and for all that he isn’t really about the faith so much as the power of the Church, I don’t see him as a murderer.  Not directly anyway.

Besides, Vatican merchandising person Sofia, her husband seems to…know people.  People who think they can control a Pope.  Particularly if said Pope is Brannox.

That said, Brannox may not want to be Pope.  Voiello wants to get a new Pope on the first ballot to settle things up, and Brannox’s moderate “Middle Path” really appeals to, well, everyone.  His temperament is quiet and slow, and he’d rather grill his houseguests on how they define love than actually discuss why they’re visiting his giant manor house.

Granted, his house isn’t lively or fun.  His ancient parents still blame him, something like forty years after the fact, for the death of his identical twin brother, a person whose grave they spend most of their silent existence watching over.

Look, like its predecessor, no one ever accused The New Pope of realism.

I mean, Voiello and his party all got some kind of visit from Pope Lenny, including Brannox, and Lenny just moved a box from Brannox’s bedside table that…does something.

Well, we got to the end of the episode, and there’s some rumbling there of people trying to control the Papcy, possible Islamic terrorism, and other things, that we end with…Brannox saying he’s going to think about the offer and give his guests an answer the following day.

See?  Slowly paced.