YouTube Selection: Let’s Talk About Cats

Was there a bigger movie to crap on last year than Cats?  I mean, I know I crapped on it.  I easily was the worst movie I saw in 2019.

But there’s a lot to Cats beyond a stinky movie, so let’s see what a couple of YouTube video essayists had to say on the matter.

First up, Maggie Mae Fish examines the history of the show by looking at its creator.  And by that, I mean T.S. Eliot, the very weird guy who wrote the poetry that inspired the play that became the movie.

And “very weird guy” might be one of the kindest ways we can describe Eliot as a person.

Then there’s Lindsay Ellis, giving us a history of the play and some good analysis of the movie itself and where the whole thing may have gone even more wrong than it theoretically could have.

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