April 19, 2024

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Lost In Space “Echoes”

Season Two, Episode Three.

Season one had a guest appearance by original Will Robinson Bill Mumy as the real Dr. Smith.  He appeared to die, but nope!  He’s still alive and well…OK, not well, he’s in suspended animation and gets to pop up again in this episode.  But it turns out his former TV sister Angela Cartwright, the original Penny, appears here as the not-Smith’s mother in a series of flashbacks.

So, that was nice.

Not so nice is how the Jupiter 2 got back to the Resolute and…it’s empty.  Granted, the Robinsons don’t necessarily know that, so they can go look around and find that out the hard way.

Now, Don is still recovering from his poisoning last time around, so he won’t be going.  Smith, the fake one, shouldn’t be going, but she’s going anyway and Don can’t stop her.  See, she knows there’s evidence of her wrongdoing on the Resolute, both as she isn’t her sister and how she, you know, killed a guy.  And she may want to get herself a new identity.  Since the Robinsons are wandering around the Resolute, she does convenient things like toss random bulkheads down to separate them a bit and going from there.

Now, truth be told, that is a dick move, but it’s a bit worse than that.  See, there’s no one on the Resolute with one slight exception, or two depending on how you count things.  Judy finds a little girl named Samantha.  She got separated from her mom.  And she knows what else is on the station:  SAR.

You know, the Second Alien Robot.

It’s…not friendly.

Well, Judy and Samantha manage to avoid the thing and it’s very sharp ears, so maybe the critters from A Quiet Place built it.

However, it’s also slow and damaged, so Judy and Samantha can easily hear it coming.

Penny and Will, in the dining hall, also hear something and hide, but it turns out to be a horse.

Then the real one comes along and horse-hating Penny has to try and keep the animal quiet.  That even almost works, but between John and Maureen, with Don acting as a lookout, they manage to distract SAR into a room and close it off from the outside, effectively trapping it.  There’s news that Will’s Robot helped the other humans escape SAR and that means he’ll go looking for it soon.

It’s, like, a rule.

Say, remember when Will was the nervous wreck kid on this show who was scared of his own shadow?  That seems to be Penny’s role now.

Oh, and the horse is fine, I assume.  It ran off.  This show has gone out of its way to keep Don’s chicken alive.  I don’t think they’re going to kill a horse.

But this is still a show with some twists, so here’s one:  another Jupiter shows up.  Some heavily-armed guys get out, led by one Ben Adler.  And he knows about the Robot.  They call is Scarecrow, and there’s more going on than we saw before.

Also, Smith is posing as a therapist now, and since she was responsible for the death of Samantha’s father, someone is gonna need that pretty soon.