February 26, 2024

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Doctor Who “Warriors’ Gate Part 3”

The Fourth Doctor. "Warriors' Gate," Episode Three.

You know, there’s a moment here where Romana lifts something she says is made of dwarf star matter that is very heavy, but she doesn’t seem to be struggling in the slightest.  Adric, on the other hand, does struggle a bit.

So, how strong is Romana anyway?

But that happened later.  Last we saw Romana, she was screaming because some hairy hands were reaching for her as she was tied down in the navigator’s chair on that sleazy slaver ship.  Then we see the hands are letting her loose, and Romana of all people should know better than to judge a book by its cover.  Sure, it’s one of those cat people, and he seems to be missing an eye, but he’s friendly, and she fakes being asleep.  Then she wakes up and and demands some answers from some of the ship’s crew.

I’m not sure she gets answers, but she does get loose later, meets up with Adric (who has been guiding his way through the white void by flipping a coin), and then later still with K9.  Poor K9 followed some of the slaver crew back to their ship, asking for orders, explaining the void is shrinking, and eventually annoying the crew enough that one of them picks up K9 and tossing him away into the void.

Man, this showrunner does not like K9.

The Doctor does.  He found a way to fix K9.  See, when he slipped through the mirror, his own hand healed.  And Biroc pops up there to explain time works differently on that side of the mirror.  The Doctor had burned his hand on time winds, but he’s fine now.  K9 can get his memory chips fixed that way, but then he’d have to stay on that side.  Organic matter repaired that way will stay repaired when the being returns to regular space, but computers and the like won’t.  So, K9 can be fixed, but he can’t ever leave from there.

Remember, it’s still K9’s last serial.

However, then some weird stuff happens.  The Doctor follows Biroc to see a moment from the Tharils’ past.  See, now they’re slaves, but once it was the other way around until their robots revolted and then the humans.  But the Doctor keeps popping in and out of this past vision and back into the present, and there’s Romana…and the slavers.

Looks like he got captured again.

Not captured?  Adric.  He keeps flipping coins and avoiding bad guys.  How convenient…