April 18, 2024

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Doctor Who “Warriors’ Gate Part 2”

The Fourth Doctor. "Warriors' Gate," Episode Two.

I think the key to saving the day at all times is to always stick with your group.

By the time this episode ends, all four of the TARDIS crew are scattered all over.

Where did everyone go?  Well, the Doctor wandered off by himself and got to what looks like a Medieval castle, but some robot knights attacked him.  Those things are slow and stupid, so the two of them took each other out.

Later, Captain Rorvik, the dick for this serial, leader of the slavers, will show up and try to get the Doctor to tell him how to restart the robots so he can get his ship out.  The Doctor figures that’s a bad idea, and when one robot almost tells the bunch, he smacks the thing’s head off and makes a run for it with K9.

Yes, K9 got to the Doctor, but only because Adric abandoned him.  Adric kinda sucks.

Adric, by the by, may be the person in the least amount of danger as he’s wandering around in that white void alone.  He only went out there with K9 when Romana went out to talk to Rorvik.  She was smart enough to know those guys were dicks and even came up with some hand gestures to signal Adric if things went bad.  They took her away to force her, being as she is probably time sensitive like those Cats understudies, to be the ship’s new navigator rather than wake another cat person up.  That involves strapping her to a chair and zapping her brain with some energy that shows locations on the monitor.  That’s how Rorvik found the castle thingee the Doctor is in, and K9 got there through dumb luck.

This may be the least straightforward retelling of an episode I’ve done yet, but there’re in a timeless zone, so I figure that’s OK.

Anyway, the episode ends with the Doctor walking backwards to escape Rorvik’s men and disappearing into a mirror, Romana screaming as some hairy hands reach out for her, Adric lost, and K9 surrounded by Rorvik and his men.

See, they really should stick together.