March 3, 2024

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Doctor Who “Warriors’ Gate Part 1”

The Fourth Doctor. "Warriors' Gate," Episode One.

Man, E-Space is full of awful people.  I mean, we had swamp men, vampires, and now slavers.

Yup.  Slavers.

In an effort to get back to regular space, the TARDIS hits an obstacle in the form of the white void between universes.  That’s partially the Doctor’s fault, since he can’t seem to get anything to work right, and partially Adric’s fault because he heard the Doctor and Romana arguing, one of them said something about flipping a coin, and he opted to give it a try with some encouragement from K9.  K9 had explained how the I Ching coin tossing philosophy works, and this kid seems like that kind of kid, so here we are.

Meanwhile, there’s a slaver ship with an angry captain who is clearly the dick for this serial.  They have a load of Cowardly Lion-looking guys as slaves, most in suspended animation, but there’s one who is strapped down as the ship’s navigator, trying to get out of this time and space free void.  But then the navigator gets smart, breaks away, and makes a run for it.

Yeah, apparently, there’s a way to walk in the white void.

That’s if you miss the time winds.  Those come into the TARDIS, make the consul spark, and then K9’s body starts smoking because the showrunner hates the silly characters and wants him out of the stories as much as possible.

Anyway, the Thundercat says his name is Biroc, the TARDIS crew should beware Captain Dick, AKA Rorvik, and off he goes.  The Doctor, being the Doctor, opts to go after him and explore a bit.  Romana stays behind to try and repair K9

Bad news there:  K9’s long term memories are cooked and gone.

Worse news:  Rorvik and some of his people just found the TARDIS.

Worst news:  the Doctor found some kind of Medieval castle-looking gate, and once inside, he doesn’t seem to notice the suit of armor that comes to life and looks like it’s going to decapitate him.

You know, I am pretty sure he can’t regenerate a new head.