March 23, 2023

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “The Way Forward”

Season Seven, Episode Three.

Well, that explains a few things.

It turns out there is a very good reason why the Paladins were unable to contact their allies and the Galra had weapons the likes of which they’d never seen before.  But first, two of Lotor’s former generals managed to capture them and their Lions.  And since they seem to be hanging around, I should probably learn their names.  Wikipedia tells me they’re called Ezor and Zethrid.  Which one is which I don’t know, so be glad I looked up that much, hypothetical reader.  Or don’t.  It’s up to you, really.

As it is, the former generals didn’t capture everybody.  The mice and the wolf are still on the Black Lion.  I don’t know where the cow is.  Did they forget the cow?  Sucks to be the cow.

Oh, they also missed Coran who conveniently got locked in a storage closet during the previous episode’s battle.  And that means either Lance figures out where the nonexistent secret passageway is, or Coran has to somehow rescue everyone.

I am not sure which option is worse, especially as Ezor and Zethrid have decided that grilling the Paladins on what happened doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.  They’re moving on to the torture round, starting with Pidge under the theory that hurting the smallest one always brings answers out faster.

Considering none of the Paladins seems to really understand the questions, this may take a while.

So, can Coran save the day?  Are you new to this show?  He’ll screw it.

But he isn’t alone!  The wolf may be injured and the cow somewhere else, but the mice are smart and help him knock out a guard with a distinctive scarf and a uniform to steal.  Distinctive scarves just raise suspicion when it is clearly not the guy who owns the scarf.

But the other helper is the third former general Acza who, apparently, had a change of heart.  And while she works to activate a large canon to blast the Lions out into the vacuum of space while they are still too de-powered to do it themselves, Coran eventually does get down to the cell the Paladins are in.  And since Acza turned the cannon on, Ezor and Zehthrid left to deal with her.  That means Coran can…screw up some more while the mice get the door open.

And so, everyone heads off back to the Lions, and it’s a good thing the Paladin’s armor has jetpacks and helmets for space travel.  Keith stays behind a bit, even using the Black Bayard to teleport to his hand to help Acza fight her former friends.  He and Acza get away by blowing up a portion of the ship full of explosives, and when the Lions land nearby for a rest, we find out why everything is so different.

Basically, the Paladins and their allies weren’t gone for three weeks or so.  They were gone for three years or so.

Stupid Einsteinian physics…

Well, with Acza as their new ally, maybe they can figure out how much they missed.  I mean, if Ezor and Zethrid are just pirates at this point, who’s running the Galra Empire?

I’m sure it’s Haggar.  Who else would it be?

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