April 21, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Warrin’ Priests Part 1”

In which a hip young pastor replaces Reverend Lovejoy.

What’s this?  A two-parter?  And written by the guest star, Pete Holmes?

Well, let’s see where this one goes.

It seems that the First Church of Springfield isn’t getting a lot of attendance these days.  Reverend Lovejoy just can’t pack the pews like he theoretically used to.  Sure, the Simpsons are there, as is Ned Flanders and family and a host of old people, including the Old Jewish Guy who wandered into the wrong place of worship (that New Testament took him by surprise).  But it looks like the most interesting thing going on is Jimbo and Shauna using the back row to make out.

But then, a newcomer walks in.  His name is Bode (Holmes), and he’s answering an add for a youth pastor that Helen left on Christ’s List.  He’s planning on staying in a motel by the tire fire, but then the motel catches fire, so Helen says he can stay with the Lovejoys, much to the Reverend’s disgruntlement.

But then something happens.  Tim loses his voice while calling a bingo game, so Bode takes over at the church…and he rocks at it.  Sure, Ned is a little put off at first, but then he does an improvised version of “Amazing Grace” that has Homer imagining Jesus as a rock star that was rather funny.  Bode admits to doubt, talks one-on-one to people in the pews, and lets everyone go early.

So, yeah, the parishioners love him.  Bode even wins Lisa over by pointing out that his name comes from Buddhism, he believes in climate change, and he’s all for gay marriage.  In point of fact, when Lisa goes to meditate with him later, her visions exceed the animation budget and she might even see God.

Heck, Bode fixes Homer and Marge’s current marriage problems after Homer sold the family house without Marge’s permission by first getting the two to literally swap shoes (Marge’s are tight on Homer’s feet, showing pain while Homer’s are heavy on Marge, showing how much weight he carries).  And since the Simpson home will never pass inspection, Marge shouldn’t worry about Homer’s selling it.

Well, all this causes the church council to fire Lovejoy and replace him with Bode.  Things are good all over Springfield for everyone but Lovejoy.  It’s so good, the only reason Moe would put his head into his oven is to remove some cookies he made for his friends.

But this Bode guy had to leave Michigan for a reason, and that means Lovejoy is going on a road trip.  He even finds something on microfiche…that promptly catches fire and was apparently not backed up digitally.

Man, that library sucked.

Well, that should be a good set-up for a two-parter.  It better be.  There wasn’t really anything left after that moment aside from a “next on” that was probably a big joke.