April 19, 2024

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Lost In Space “Shipwrecked”

Season Two, Episode One.

When I wrote up my last Vikings post for the time being, I said that I’d be going back to Lost in Space, but given Netflix’s habit of canceling things after two seasons, I assumed this second season of Lost in Space would be its last.  It isn’t exactly a huge watercooler topic like a few of Netflix’s more popular shows.

But then it was announced Netflix was giving the series a third and final season, so here we are.

When the first season ended, the Robinsons–John, Maureen, Will, Penny, and Judy–along with Don West and the untrustworthy Dr. Smith had gone through some kind of space warp to an unknown part of space while two Robots were fighting, one in defense of the humans and one out to get them.  Season two opens with the nearby Resolute seeing the Jupiter 2 vanish just as the squabbling robots crash into it.  So, it probably won’t be good for those people.

But never mind that.  Seven months later and the Robinsons are celebrating Christmas on a planet where they can’t go outside, but they are next to a nice beach and the solar cells can gather enough power to keep everything running but not much else.  There’s a lightning storm off in the ocean somewhere you can set your watch to, and Maureen thinks she can use that to recharge the engines enough to take off.  John, though, likes to play it safe and wants to stay put at least for another year.

Oh, and Dr. Smith is confined to a chamber by herself and Don still has that chicken.

Much of this episode deals with the crops inside a tent dying when something slashes the protective covering.  And we do find out later it was Dr. Smith doing Maureen a favor because loss of the crops was the one thing that would keep John put.  And the sailing scenes are actually pretty cool.  Makeshift sails, the ship floating, Don running around patching holes, and Smith proving she may actually know how to sail a ship after all when John, the former sailor, is injured and unable to sail further.  Plus, of course there’s a storm.

Point is, regardless of how popular Lost in Space may or may not be, nobody is skimping on the effects for a show like this.

The episode ends with the Jupiter 2 stuck on what looked like a waterfall but was actually a metallic trench built by…something.  And that did look like the Robot’s hand painting something…