May 22, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “The Road Home”

Season Seven, Episode Two.

Well, if I was concerned about a lack of a main villain, maybe I shouldn’t have worried quite so much just yet.

The Paladins?  Oh, those guys need to worry.

That’s more or less proven with this episode, that’s probably 75% a chase scene.

It seems that even with the Castle gone and Coran’s fueling trick, the Lions are still only at partial power.  They have enough to take off and fly through space, but not much else.  And, well, the trip to Earth is a long one, one that would take a year and a half if you did the math right, and much much longer if you’re Coran and you don’t.

Of course, the Lions aren’t the most spacious ways to travel, so who goes with whom?  Someone lets Lance plan everything out, so we get:

  • The mice with Hunk
  • The wolf with a terrified Allura
  • Shiro, Coran, and Krolia with Keith
  • And Romelle with Lance

Where’s the cow?  I don’t know.  They didn’t forget it existed before.

Oh, and Pidge is flying solo playing video games.

Well, that doesn’t work out so well.  Romelle is annoying with tons of questions.  Coran is annoying in Coran ways.  The wolf doesn’t like being confined to Allura’s hold and keeps ripping up the place.  And the mice, well, Hunk is bothering everyone with cute pictures.  The only thing to do is rearrange things by putting Romelle, Coran, the wolf, and the mice with Pidge.

Still no word on the cow.

Well, it does seem a little weird no one is answering various calls from the Lions, so the group opts to take a look into a Blade of Marmora base…and it looks empty.  It wasn’t recently, but now it’s empty.  That’s weird and not in the “they may have forgotten the cow” weird.

But then some Galra fighters fly by.  Pirates maybe.  A handful of fighters wouldn’t normally be a problem for the Lions, but the Lions aren’t at full power.  And…something seems off.  These fighters have weapons the Paladins have never seen before.  They’re faster, stronger, and scaring the crap out of the heroes.

Things get weirder when the wolf starts shifting people between Lions because no one knew it could teleport.  Or at least Pidge didn’t.  She thinks that’s cool.

Well, things get a little better when the Lions fly through a space cyclone, fly through an unstable ice planet, and even engage in some hand-to-hand when Krolia fights on Galta on the hull of the Black Lion and the wolf attacks another pilot in its own ship.

So, they get away, right?  Well, Coran gets knocked into a storage room, but the Lions do get away but then a Galra cruiser blasts them all down and it looks like it knocks the Lions and all their passengers out.  Plus, it looks like two of Lotor’s three generals are running the show now.

Does this mean the cow has to save the day now?