July 21, 2024

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Doctor Who “Full Circle Part 3”

The Fourth Doctor. "Full Circle," Episode Three.

Well, the Doctor himself might not be in that much trouble, but at least we get some answers.

Not as many as we might want, and not all the ones we want to hear, but some answers.

For starters, Adric may not have understood how the TARDIS worked, but he didn’t go far.  Nope, the TARDIS popped up inside the Starliner, and as the name suggests, it’s really a spaceship in need of repair.

Which mystifies the Doctor.  Some of the repairs the people are doing seem to be to things that aren’t broken.  As the newest and friendliest Decider Login explains to the Doctor, they’ve been fixing the Starliner for generations to eventually return to their home planet.  In the meantime, if the Doctor can help Login get his daughter back from outside, he’ll be glad to help the Doctor.

But there are some other problems.  That juvenile Marshman is in the hands of a scientist who’s already taken some tissue samples, and while the Doctor does find something of interest in the tissue’s DNA, he isn’t too pleased with how Dr. Dexeter is treating a kid.

Because the Doctor, well, he isn’t evil or calous or whatever Dexeter is.  The Marshmen are clearly intelligent.

Not so intelligent may be Romana, who tried to threaten the giant spider chasing her by picking up a rock to throw at it.  Only the rock was a spider egg, and it hatched.  Then the new baby spider bit her.

This would be a good time to have a working K9.

Anyway, the TARDIS pops up inside the Starliner, and while most of those teenage punks (including Login’s daughter) are arrested and put on trial (eventually getting community service), Adric and the Doctor go back for Romana.  She’s…just sitting there.  She says she’s fine.  She also doesn’t recognize the Doctor.

She’s not fine.

In fact, soon, she’s comotose.

Well, Adric is concerned, and the Doctor has no answers, but the Marshspider has the same DNA as the Marshmen.  Heck, the Doctor is starting to suspect the Starliner is never going anywhere, so he goes back to get some more answers only to discover the Deciders are watching Dexeter on a screen get ready to dissect the Marshman child’s brain.

Now, that is evil.  The Doctor says so.

And then the kid wakes up, kills Dexeter (who only had old journals to go by, much like how the repair crews keep fixing things that don’t seem to be broken), and then punches out the screen everyone was watching him on.

There’s something really screwy going on here.

Like how Romana seemed to feel the child’s pain.

Or how she opened the hatch and let all the Marshmen into the Starliner.

That second one sounds potentially much worse.