July 16, 2024

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Vikings “The Best Laid Plans”

Season Six, Episode Ten.

OK…now what?

I’m serious.  Here we are, at the halfway point for the final season of Vikings.  I expect the show to throw out a curveball what with Prince Oleg coming in with a massive army of Russian vikings.  Then again, why is this land new to these people?  I thought Ragnar was unhappy way back in season one that the only place they ever raided was Russia?

Never mind all that.  Here’s the real problem:  Bjorn appears to be dead.

Granted, Harald may also be dead, but he raped Bjorn’s newer wife.  She may or may not be dead.  She’s unaccounted for, and I think her name is Ingrid, but like many of Bjorn’s love interests, she didn’t leave much of an impression.

I will give props to Olaf for telling Harald, when the King of All Norway asks in a whiny way why Bjorn keeps getting everything, that Bjorn gets it all because he can.

But then he’s dead.  Probably.  Ivar stabbed him in the middle of the battle Bjorn’s side was losing anyway.  It turns out when you tell a bunch of lies to get votes to become king s Harald did, getting everyone to show up and repel an invasion is really hard.  There are some nice moments when it looks like Bjorn and Ivar are debating who is really carrying on their father’s legacy, and Ivar basically says he just likes siding with the winning side.

But, that’s it.  No more characters from the original episodes.  We’re left with these characters that, aside from Ivar, just aren’t very interesting.  Yes, Gunnhild and Erik got away, and this comes after Gunnhild has a miscarriage, but why do I care about them?  Hvitserk has no personality and has even said as much.  Ubbe is in Iceland, and he’s rather bland too, but he does have the whole “explorer” thing going on.  Who’s left?  That Asshole Floki?  Is he even still alive?

Ivar has always seemed to be something of a villain, and Danish actor Alex Hogh Andersen always seems to relish whatever it is he has to do.  But do I want to see him as a protagonist for the back half of the final season?  I don’t think so.  There’s no one here that seems interesting enough to carry a show like this.  True, it’s been that way since Ragnar died, but it’s only gotten more so as more and more of the original characters die off.  And now, we get a big break until whenever the back half of the season starts.  I’m guessing November/December because that’s how History Channel rolls while pretending it’s one season and they play it like it’s two.

Well, this left a sour taste in my metaphorical mouth.  What shall I go to next?  Well, I don’t see Netflix renewing it for a third season, so let’s go back to Lost in Space.