July 15, 2024

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Doctor Who “Full Circle Part 2”

The Fourth Doctor. "Full Circle," Episode Two.

You know, I think I’m starting to get the Adric-hate two episodes in.  Not because he’s a kid know-it-all that normally derives hatred in viewers.  No, it’s because he’s kinda dumb.

Let’s review how dumb Adric is here:  after learning Mistfall was coming and the purportedly toxic gases that go with it, he gets out of the TARDIS with a tracking device to find his big brother and the other two rebel teens to get them to safety.  He quickly learns this is a bad idea when he sees that asking teenage rebels to be good and reasonable is always a terrible idea.  They have knives, after all.  Plus, he already told them he had a tracker and then tried to pretend they didn’t.  As such, Adric’s brother and the other two not only get back to the TARDIS and inside to possible safety, but they also take Romana hostage.

See?  Kinda dumb, even as he argues with the others that Romana is a nice person.

But then there’s the Doctor and K9.  They manage to avoid the Marshmen, the fish people that come out of the water and stumble around.  Heck, the Doctor tries to befriend a juvenile one, but that doesn’t work, and in a nice meta moment, the Doctor ponders how he’s usually good with children.

But never mind all that.  He can send K9 to follow most of the Marshmen while he wanders off and eventually finds the human settlement called the Starliner.  It was sealed up for Mistfall, but that doesn’t mean much when you have a sonic screwdriver.  Now, the Doctor does seal the door behind him, but that kid Marshman is also inside, and when the Doctor sees the humans have it trapped and scared, he tries to comfort it in a soothing, friendly voice that almost works.

Until a human clocks the Doctor over the head and take him to the Deciders.  They also have the kid in a net.  It doesn’t sound like it’ll go well for either of them.

Romana, however, does have some luck when the Marshmen carry the TARDIS away, knocking everyone over and allowing her to get a knife for herself.  And since the monitors only show Gallifrey, that means knowing when it is safe to step outside once the coast is clear is a bit of a problem  They arrive just after K9.

So, we’ve had K9 hanging around for a bit.  Will he be removed from the field again very quickly?  Yes.  He tries to scoot into the cave where the Marshmen are, telling them he means them no harm, and one knocks his doggie head off.

Fortunately for Romana and the kids, the Marshmen took off when some nearby eggs started hatching and releasing giant spiders.  Romana sees no harm in them, but the kids do, and as the older ones try to seal the doors, Adric tries to open them and accidentally zaps the TARDIS away.  Considering the Marshmen may have been intending to drop the TARDIS onto the Starliner as a battering ram, getting the TARDIS out of there is a good idea.

However, Romana is still stuck outside the thing surrounded by giant spiders, so Adric did something dumb again.