June 23, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “A Little Adventure”

Season Seven, Episode One.

Well, here we are.  Back for the seventh season after the defeat of a major enemy, the Lions and Shiro recovering and..

Oh, maybe not.

See, without the Castle, the Lions can’t recharge very quickly.  Oh, and Shiro is in a coma.  Now, the Paladins can just stay where they are until the Lions charge enough to go to Earth, or they can try to find an alternative means of charging the Lions.  Fortunately, Coran knows a way that involves finding a rare substance that can only be located by something called a Yalmor.  What’s a Yalmor?  I’ve seen the episode, and I’m still not sure.

Anyway, while Keith, Allura, and Krolia stay behind to watch Shiro and see if he wakes up, Coran leads Hunk, Pidge, Lance, and Romelle to find a Yalmor.

The end result is two separate storylines.  Coran’s quest, of course, goes way wrong because he doesn’t really know as much about Yalmors as he assumes.  Romelle spends much of the episode saying how crazy and stupid and dangerous all this is, getting total agreement from Hunk as she says all the things he thinks but doesn’t speak aloud.  Something goes wrong, the substance the Yalmor gives off first shrinks the party, but then they figure out how to ride the Yalmor, an animal that looks like a small, three-eyed pink elephant with a turtle shell.

So, after some crazy antics that eventually gets the group restored to its normal size, they get the power source.

But then there’s the other storyline, and it’s in Shiro’s mind as he flashes back to meeting and sponsoring an angry young man named Keith for the Galaxy Garrison, losing a boyfriend, getting sick, and going off on some mission he didn’t know at the time he’d never come back from.  It fills in some blanks for a man we don’t know much about.  The only thing we ever knew was he was just the ideal leader for the Paladins, at least at first.

So, it’s nice.

And then he wakes up, so it looks like everything may be working out.

You know, for now.