July 13, 2024

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Doctor Who “Meglos Part 4”

The Fourth Doctor. "Meglos," Final Episode.

Will the Doctor escape a giant stone slab death trap?   And what does Meglos wants with the Dodecahedron?  And what of doughnuts?  For the love of God, tell me!

OK, just because this is the final season for the Fourth Doctor doesn’t mean they’re going to crush him with a giant rock.  Romana, Zastor, and two Savants compare notes, run in, and actually convince Lexa that the Doctor is innocent.

Mostly that involves mentioning there are some dead Space Pirates in the lobby.  Even a high priestess will take note of Space Pirates.

One wasn’t dead and shoots her dead anyway.

But now we have everyone working together, and the TARDIS works more or less, so the Doctor, Romana, K9, and the two Savants head off to the desert planet when Romana remembers that there’s some screens there along with all that sand.

And that would be where Meglos is burying the Dodecahedron.  In his bunker, he demonstrates that the Dodecahedron, built by his people, acts as a giant power source for the screens that can allow him and the Pirates to, well, vaporize whole planets, so why not start with Tigella?

But see, the Doctor has a plan now.  If Meglos can walk around and impersonate the Doctor to Zastor and his people, the Doctor can do the same with the Pirates.  In he goes once Meglos steps out for a minute, he fiddles with the computer, and wanders off again after giving the Pirates his coat and scarf because these guys are idiots.

Or they might.  See, these guys realize that they have a weapon now and don’t need Meglos.  Plus, he was acting funny, so the head Pirate sends some goons to capture the guy, and they knock Meglos hard in the stomach to the Doctor’s glee.

Then they do the same to the Doctor and toss both of them in the same cell.  Meglos is a bit of a jackass.  But there is a trump card:  the Doctor reversed the polarity on the computers, so the Pirates will only blow themselves up if they try to use it.

And then K9 blasts his way in.  Heck, it isn’t even hard to figure out who the real Doctor is.  He’s the one who isn’t a jerk.  And hey, the Guy in the Suit asserts himself and forces the Meglos out of his body.  Now everyone just has to get back to the TARDIS before the Pirates blow themselves up.  Everyone except Meglos.  He gets to blow up too.

So, sure, Zastor’s folks may not have gotten the Dodecahedron back, but they did find out they can live on the surface without too much trouble, and the Doctor can even take the Guy in the Suit back to Earth.

He better do that quick.  Gallifrey is calling.