June 15, 2024

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Jack Ryan “Persona Non Grata”

Season Two, Episode Six.

Sure, much of what’s happening now could be Jack’s fault, but I know who I’m blaming.

That’s right.  Boat Guy.

I say that knowing full well Boat Guy only got in trouble because Jack stuck around for a longer search than the plan authorized, but Boat Guy got off the boat, meaning he went from Boat Guy to just Guy.  And yes, he is instrumental in helping the three guys looking for him escape a trap, even nabbing the satellite tracking device the Venezuelans were using in the process.  But the leader guy left over from season one whose name I never learned was captured and killed, giving Reyes an excuse to blame the United States for election interference.  And that means he can tell all the people in the U.S. embassy to take a hike.

Dude, a U.S. Senator died in your country!

And Jack told you he knows the people Reyes locked had nothing to do with it!

Yeah, Jack came back.  He tried to do it quietly while he and Greer talked to the middleman (actually a woman!) that hired the gunman who killed he Senator.  Instead, they got arrested and taken to see Reyes.  Combine that with Boat Guy’s team leader dying and going on camera, and really, there’s nothing any American can do about staying.

Man, Mike November was pissed.

Oh wait, there is something an American can do:  hide out and go underground to see this through to the end.  That’s Mike’s plan, Jack and Greer are in, and he even has a way to smuggle them out of the embassy in the trunks of some fake police cars.  Now, Jack knows Greer has a heart condition and even asks Greer’s driver to take Greer to the airport instead of the safe house, and that is something of a plan because Greer doesn’t go to the safe house.

Instead, he gets captured when his car goes in a different direction and hits a checkpoint.

This season is still something of a mess, but I think I’m gonna keep blaming Boat Guy.