December 7, 2023

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Vikings “Resurrection”

Season Six, Episode Nine.

You know, there sure is a lot of stuff here about going from Kiev to attack Norway, and all I’m thinking right now is “Aren’t there some other countries inbetween those two places?”

Then I remembered this is Vikings and I should mostly be glad they aren’t just hanging around Wessex.  My god, Wessex sucks…

But for now, let’s look at the remaining Sons of Ragnar.  They are, the lot of them, not very bright as near as I can make out.

Bjorn spends most of the episode getting a second wife whose name I don’t care to learn.  Why is Bjorn stupid?  He fails to notice that Gunnhild actually is hurt by what he’s done, and Bjorn can’t keep it in his pants anyway.  Not that any of Bjorn’s love interests have had any kind of distinct personalities, but here we are.

He does eventually do something smart when he realizes the Rus are coming by sending Erik to Harald to propose an alliance, an alliance Harald eventually agrees to after initially tossing Erik into the clink.

Then there’s Ubbe, who finally gets himself and Torvi to Iceland to meet this explorer.  Why is he stupid?  First, the explorer, an Englishman named Athelstan who was once a Christian missionary, claims That Asshole Floki gave him Floki’s Asshole Wedding Ring, and that he saw and knew the cuckoo shipbuilder.  Considering Flatnose and Athelstan Part 2 decided to keep something secret from Ubbe, that can’t be good.  And Ubbe got all indignant when he saw the new Athelstan praying besides Torvi during her difficult birth of yet another kid.

Torvi, maybe the smartest person on the show right now, reminds Ubbe that Ubbe himself was briefly Christian.

And then we have Hvitserk and Ivar.  They meet up again.  Why are they stupid?  Well, Ivar maybe isn’t.  Hvitserk, well, he did promise his dead girlfriend he’s kill Ivar.  Instead, the two are happy to see each other.  Did Hvitserk forget his vow to kill Ivar?  Did Ivar not mind someone else’s killing Lagertha?  Apparently.

So, all of them were at least a little dumb except maybe Ivar.

Oh, and Oleg is coming with a huge army.