March 2, 2024

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Into The Badlands “Tiger Pushes Mountain”

Season Two, Episode One.

So, Into the Badlands was more or less pure pulp awesomeness with lots of wire work martial arts action, badass men and women strutting around like they owned the place, and shifty people doing shifty things.  Is there anything they can do to make it more awesome?

Wait, Nick Frost is on the show now?  That answers that question.

Frost is, well, a shifty, fast-talking guy you probably shouldn’t trust named Bajie.  And he’s a Nick Frost character, so I am guaranteed to overlook the fact he’s a shifty, untrustworthy asshole and like the guy anyway.  To be fair, “untrustworthy asshole” describes, like, two-thirds of the characters on this show.  But Bajie is the guy who, as soon as he says he can be trusted, you know he can’t be trusted.

Anyway, it’s six months later.  M.K. was taken away by the Abbots to learn to control his powers, and he doesn’t really like the fact that he can’t help his friends (wait, do Sunny and Tilda see him as a friend?), but he’s under the personal tutelage of the Master, and the Master isn’t an errant Time Lord or an ancient-looking Asian man.but is instead a black woman who looks to be about my age and can do amazing things with a broom or an origami crane.

Ryder is now the baron of his father’s lands, and he controls three territories.  Jade is his wife.

Or, he did control three territories.  The Widow took her oil fields back…personally.  She’s still preaching tearing down the old system in a way that could make her a good guy, but the show never really treats her like one.  Anti-villain maybe.  Point is, she lets some of Ryder’s ruder Clippers just walk away after personally shish-kabobbing a bunch of them.

They don’t get far because they mistreated the dolls at the nearby whorehouse, and Tilda, well, she has other ideas about that.

But most of the episode goes to Sunny…you know, when it isn’t going to cool fight scenes.  He’s a miner now, with Frost’s Bajie chained to his ankle.  He has a plan to escape that depends in part with fighting the big brute who kills people who don’t bring in their quota for the week with his bare hands.  Sunny can probably take that guy.  One problem:  Bajie recognizes the Clipper tattoos and tells the guy running the place.  Bajie seems to get his own freedom while Sunny gets dragged off somewhere.

Look, all Sunny wants is to get back to Veil.  She just gave birth to a baby boy.

Oh, and Quinn delivered the baby, so he ain’t as dead as people thought.

See?  More pulpy fun, now with 1000% more Frost.