September 29, 2023

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Doctor Who “The Leisure Hive Part 3”

The Fourth Doctor. "The Leisure Hive," Episode Three.

The Doctor is both an old man and a murder suspect.  This sure doesn’t look too good for him right now.

Well, being elderly and a murder suspect just means he’s under house arrest until the Argolins can hold a trial.  Same with Romana because she’s his associate and these people may suck.

But they do let Hardin continue to work his experiments, even after raging angry-boy Pangol, the son of current planetary leader Mena, demands the experiments stop for reasons that don’t become clear right away. That comes even after Pangol reveals Hardin was something of a fake.  Hardin, though, was close to a breakthrough.  He just needs more help from Romana.

Mena won’t allow that.  Romana has to wear a collar.  So does the Doctor.  It just fits around their neck and gets tighter if either of them tries to go somewhere they aren’t allowed to go.  Or if they try to take it off.

Well, someone needs to let them out.  We still don’t know who the real bad guy in this story is yet.

Actually, I do know,  Hardin lets the pair out, and Pangol is the bad guy.  See, the Argolins are sterile after a war thirty years ago, but Pangol is only 20.  He’s a clone, and he wants to use the Hive’s tachyon power to make an army of more clones so they can finish off the reptilian Foamasis.  He even sabotaged Hardin’s equipment, something Romana learns when the Doctor distracts the guards outside the machine.  There’s a Foamasi in there, and he pulls her out when blatant dick Pangol shows up to rip the life out of her or something.

Wait, I thought the Foamasi were sabotaging everything?  Well, it seems they aren’t quite doing that.  No, instead they’re a bit friendly, saving Romana’s life and chatting with the Doctor in their weird language.  The Doctor even takes them up to meet Mena, but the person they really want to see is the Earth agent of theirs.

Turns out he was a Foamasi in disguise.

I didn’t see that coming.