November 29, 2023

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YouTube Selection: Let’s Just Dance

So, there’s a global pandemic out there.  A lot of people are sick.  Even more are being responsible and “socially distancing,” namely staying home to try to flatten the curve.  COVID-19 is all anyone seems to be talking about.  Movie theaters are empty, concerts and sports leagues are canceling, and a lot of people are doing what they can by not going out much.

So, you know what?  Normally I put something here that’s kinda cool or thought-provoking or something, but this week, how about something with some joy.

Yes, this week, I’ve pulled out an old compilation video from the channel What’s the Mashup? where characters from 75 different TV shows are cut together.  They’re all dancing, and it looks like they’re dancing to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling”.  It’s a fairly well-done mash-up as the character dance styles seem to be grouped together, showing something like an evolution of one dance style to another that isn’t over jarring, and whoever made this made a good video.

Besides, the people in the video look kinda happy, and that makes me feel kinda happy.  Plus, Bryan Cranston has some moves.

So, maybe we should all just trying dancing at home.  We may feel better.