June 23, 2024

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Into The Badlands “Hand Of The Five Prisons”

Season One Finale.

OK, so, we might have gotten some answers for mysteries here.  It all comes down to who you trust.

For example, can Veil trust Sunny for not stopping Quinn from murdering her parents?  She isn’t sure, and that’s before Tilda kidnaps Veil to treat the Widow.

Wait, is Veil the only person with any sort of medical training on this show?

Now, the Widow talks big about knocking down the whole corrupt system, and that sort of talk is maybe legit or maybe it isn’t.  Veil, she isn’t falling for it.  Tilda?  Maybe starting to think twice about it.  The Widow does know Tilda hid M.K.’s secret and Tilda doesn’t want the boy to be a weapon for the Widow.

The Widow claims that wasn’t the reason she wanted the boy.  She claims it’s because she once was like M.K. and knows what that means.

Do we trust the Widow?

We know we can’t trust Quinn.  He exiles Lydia for the poisoning of Jade, and methinks Lydia might actually be innocent of all that this time.  Lydia has to go back to her religious fanatic father, but it’s a cool character actor so I don’t care if he’s a fanatic.

Quinn sure doesn’t trust Sunny, figuring Sunny is the traitor in his organization and locking his regent up.  Quinn is wrong, of course.  Sunny almost killed the Widow.  Waldo is the traitor.  Sort of.  He mostly just thinks the Widow is legit.

Besides, the real traitor is Ryder.  He set a trap for his father with Zypher and Jacobee.  But Quinn brought M.K.  And M.K. takes all of them out aside from Ryder once Quinn gives the boy a cut.

Sunny, in return, stabs Quinn.

But then something weird happens.  Three monks show up.  And they…take M.K. down very quickly using what looks like the same powers.  Surely Sunny can ask them who they are, maybe get some help for the boy?

Nope!  Sunny tries to attack them.  Now, you’d think these guys that took supercharged M.K. down in three moves would make mincemeat out of Sunny.  But that isn’t right either as Sunny holds his own for a while, giving us a cool martial arts sequence until the monks harness their power and knock Sunny into an alley.

There he’s picked up by the River King, a man who isn’t happy Sunny tried to pay the toll with someone else’s head.

So, to recap, Sunny is going to be a slave, M.K. is being taken by robed weirdos, and a whole lot of other people are, if not dead, then at least scattered.  Plus, Tilda might have poisoned the Widow.  I doubt that last part, but that was season one for ya.  I don’t think anyone dies outside of a cool martial arts sequence on this show anyway.

I’m rather fine with that.