September 24, 2023

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “All Good Things”

Season Six, Episode Six.

Well, the season is drawing to a close, Lotor is obviously a bad guy, Keith is coming back with Shiro, and everything is going nuts.

That’s why I would watch a cartoon like this in the first place.

Well, the good news, if there is any, is Coran may be able to repair the Castle.  Keith is able to get a call through, warning everyone that Lotor is on his way back, and he is sort of bringing Shiro with him.  Dang clones…

See, Shiro, we learn, well, he’s been kinda dead since the Black Lion phased through Zarkon’s Robeast a couple of season finales ago.  His mind and soul is on the astral plane, hence the reason he was trying to get through to Lance when the other Paladins all went there.  Haggar sent a clone of Shiro back to cause problems because Haggar is all about causing problems.  Shiro’s soul or whatever is still inside the Black Lion, allowing him to communicate with Keith as needed, and the other Paladins with their four Lions can destroy the quintessence gate, stopping Lotor from getting what he wants.

In fact, that seems to be relatively easy.

Not so easy?  Stopping Lotor and his generals when they show up in their three superfast, supertough ships.

You know, as Hunk points out, the Paladins had trouble with five Lions against two of those ships, and when the numbers are now four and three, well, it doesn’t look any easier.

Which is where Lotor comes in with a new scheme:  trying to sweet talk Allura into helping him again.

Man, that didn’t do anything but make her mad and start the fight.  Granted, Angry Allura seems to be almost a match for Lotor, but the others aren’t doing so well.  Further granted, Lotor is obviously insane right now.  I’ve seen that look before.  That’s the look of a homicidal lunatic.

Not this look.

Of course, fighting a homicidal lunatic has its advantages as well.  See, it doesn’t take much to get Lotor to gloat about how he’s going to destroy all his enemies like the Paladins, Haggar, the rest of the Galra…

…wait, that means his generals once again realize they’ve backed the wrong horse and move in to stop him.  However, that doesn’t quite work either because he can force them to eject and take control of their ships, forming them together into his own Voltron.

Well, Hunk is good at math as he points out it is now four against one.

That doesn’t help much.

What does help is Shiro advising Keith to see through the Black Lion’s eyes, somehow allowing him to punch the Black Lion into Hyperspace or something, smashing right into Lotor’s new ‘bot, and then getting back to form Voltron for what could be the final battle between Lotor and the Paladins.

Then again, there are two more seasons of thirteen episodes each after the next episode, so maybe not.