April 21, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Horns Of Nimon Part 2”

The Fourth Doctor. "The Horns of Nimon," Episode Two.

So, a dick of a co-pilot went off with Romana and a bunch of teenagers in his cargo hold because some horned alien demanded such things.

The Doctor, in the TARDIS with K9, has his own problems.

See, the Doctor’s repair job that broke, well, everything, came at a bad time.  The TARDIS is too close to a black hole, and there’s a planet coming right at them.  So, while Romana demands the co-pilot go back for the Doctor, the co-pilot refuses because, as mentioned, he’s a dick.

Fortunately, the Doctor, even as he realized he had a mere 89 seconds before the planet hit the TARDIS, had an idea.  He just had the TARDIS spin, creating some drag or something, and shot off to the side when the planet went by.  Problem solved.

Well, that one.  Now he just needs to fix the TARDIS, and let’s face it, he doesn’t have a good track record there.

Romana, meanwhile, learns an authoritative attitude can’t stop bad guys.  See, the Skonnans are looking to rebuild their old empire with help from the alien Nimon.  He looks kinda like a minotaur.  See, he’s offering the Skonnans the technology to rebuild their empire if they just give him a bunch of teenagers in his maze.

This story sounds very familiar…

Anyhoo, the Skonnan leader in the wizard robes Soldeed, he wants to know why the battleship is late, and while the co-pilot, a dick, blatantly lies about fixing things to Romana’s disgust, his story has holes like “how’d he know how to do that?” so Soldeed tosses that guy into his fancy maze.

Then he makes Romana and the kids follow him in.

By then, the Doctor gets the TARDIS working enough to arrive on the planet, and he tries to ask Soldeed where Romana is, but it doesn’t quite work.  Mostly because Soldeed lies, and the Doctor sees through it, and that leads to…the Doctor getting lost in the maze.

Stupid mazes…

The Doctor does have an idea of leaving stickers along corridors to find his way out, but the stickers disappear as soon as he leaves a hallway.  Bummer that.

You know, there’s a lot of people in this maze.  And the downside is Romana figures out why the Nimon wants these kids:  he sucks the lifeforce out of them.

Wow.  Another alien dick.

But then the co-pilot, who has a ray gun because he’s a dick and of course he does, shows up to take Romana and the kids to the Nimon.  And it turns out the Nimon doesn’t appreciate that sort of thing, zapping the co-pilot dead with some beam from his horns.

Wow.  The Doctor better have an anti-dick device in his coat.  Too many of them on this planet.  And that’s not even getting into someone putting up an artificial black hole…

…that sounds very bad…