January 28, 2023

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Jack Ryan “Dressed To Kill”

Season Two, Episode Four.

So, I mentioned before that a co-worker of mine didn’t care much for the second season of Jack Ryan even if this sort of thing is generally up that man’s alley.  That said, I think I know why that is now.  Here, at the halfway point, and it looks like we’re missing a key element to the story:  why should I care what’s happening?

I say that because, at this point, it is very difficult to tell who to root for if anyone here.  I mean, yes, I want Jack to prevail, but against what?  There are too many bad guys here!  Before, it was Jack and one terrorist mastermind.  Here, Reyes (whom I presume is the Big Bad for the season) seems more concerned with winning an unrigged election than anything else.  And the fact that he hasn’t even suggested rigging the election seems a little weird to me.

Jack is starting to put the pieces together.  There’s some kind of mining going on in the jungle, and while that isn’t illegal or anything, the fact that there are heavily-armed goons out there sure is suspicious.  What do they want and who do they ultimately work for?  I don’t know.  I’m not all that curious to find out either.

The election?  Greer and Gloria look like they are putting together something, but it’s mostly so Greer can maybe get some dirt on Reyes.  And then what?  I honestly don’t know.

Boat Guy is stuck in the jungle, and the rest of the covert ops team is looking for him, but I don’t know enough about Boat Guy or the Ops guys to care about them, even as Reyes orders his sidekick to find them and kill them.

But then we have the excitement in the plot.  Namely, there’s the simple fact that because Jack hung around the dig site longer than he was supposed to, he’s been recalled back to Washington.  Typical Jack.  But he pulls some strings to look up more leads in London.  Too bad he’s followed.

First by Harry, but Jack spots her right away.  One of these people sucks at this, and I’m not sure who.

But the other is the very guy Jack is looking for.  And this guy is somehow the best this episode can muster.  He was a go-between for the various people in Venezuela, and Jack knows him because it’s the same guy he stabbed in the eye before.  And this guy…

He sneaks into the country…in drag.

He picks up a guy on a gay dating app, but really it’s because the poor guy looks kinda like him and one-eyed guy can blackmail that guy into being a decoy, allowing one-eye to kill the one man who can identify him.

And then, when Jack goes after the guy who got stabbed in the leg and lost an eye, we learn this jackass is a goddam parkour master.

Silly, isn’t it?

Oh, and the guy got photos of Jack working with Harry, so I think it’s she who sucks at this.

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